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Nerdarchy the comic book! Issue No. 1

Creature symbiosis: An underutilized gaming tool
A TTRPG GM is like a Swiss Army knife

Face front, True Believers! In addition to his mild-mannered position as a Nerdarchy staff writer, William C.‘s alter ego is that of Professor Bill. In this other guise he runs Comic Book University, a YouTube channel dedicated to all things comic book. You may also recognize him from the recent live streaming game at Nerdarchy’s YouTube channel. Thursdays at noon EST, Professor Bill takes on the great power and great responsibility of acting as Judge for a game of Marvel Super Heroes RPG.

Nerdarchy’s Marvel Superheroes RPG original comic book

Nerdarchist Dave, web editor-in-chief Ty Johnston, staff writers Megan R. Miller and Doug Vehovec, and intern Kyle have all been transported to the Marvel Universe for a journey into mystery.

To celebrate these astonishing and suspenseful tales, Professor Bill created an original comic book in digital format to share with the Nerdarchy community. As if the game wasn’t already Class 1000 fun, it’s gotten even better with imaginative artwork of the strange worlds the Nerdarchy crew explores each week. ‘Nuff said!



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  • Megan R. Miller
    June 7, 2017 at 4:20 am

    This is the most freaking amazing thing ever, I love it.

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