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How to Speeks Goblin| Tabletop Terrors in Honor of International TableTop Day

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International TableTop Day

Time to check in on Gil Beatin & Killicia Slay just in time for International Tabletop Terrors Day. Oh my is that Durgen from A Fistful of Dice and The Provokers on the table? I don’t know if I want to see what happens to this poor dwarf at these goblin hands. I’m sure they are going to take their time with this grisly game especially with it being International Tabletop Terrors Day.

I wonder what the goblin name is for this gruesome version of Operation? The other question is how many of you will be partaking in International Tabletop Terror Day this year?

Or instead you could celebrate International TableTop Day like Nerdarchy and play some games sans the goblins. If you couldn’t already tell it’s that very day that has inspired this week’s web-comic. We figured it might be fun to have some goblins torture a Nerdarchy friend. So who better than Tim Kearney of Tabletop Terrors and his dwarf Durgen from the Provokers game over on Matt Clicks A Fistful of Dice YouTube Channel.

Special thanks to Tim for being a good sport and giving our goblins permission to torture his dwarf Durgen.

You can find links to both of their YouTube Channels below.

Check Out Their Channels Here-



As always have an idea for a web-comic? Is there something you absolutely need to see a goblin doing? We can help with that. Just submit your idea down in the comments below and we will goblinize it for you. If we use your idea for our weekly web-comic we will be sure to give you full credit of course.

Nerdarchy wishing you an awesome International Tabletop Day!


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