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Philly Games Con

As some of you may or may not know Nerdarchy recently participated in a local convention known as Philly Games Con. We had a blast. It was the first year for Philly Games Con and the first time anyone in Nerdarchy ran a convention game. We came in hard and fast for our convention debut with 5 games of D&D 5E and 3 games of FATE Accelerated.

Nerdarchy isn’t the only ones recovering from Philly Games Con. It would appear one of our little green goblin friends has also been doing a little conventioneering. Poor little goblin probably spent all weekend rolling D20’s and drinking Grugnak.

Hope you enjoyed this week’s web-comic and our little goblin friend in the aftermath of his gaming con experience. Feel free to drop comments below about our Failed Con Save web-comic.

Quick thank you to Philly Games Con for a weekend of fun.

Hope they do it again next year.

Until Next Time “Stay Nerdy”



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