2.5D Dungeon Tiles

How to Speeks Goblin| Crafter

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How to Speeks Goblin| Failed Con Save
How to Speek Goblin| Star Wars Day

 2.5D Dungeon Tiles

This week’s “How to Speeks Goblin” was totally inspired from DM Scotty and his modular 2.5d dungeon tiles system. Now we see what happens when the DM’s Craft gets goblinized. DM Scotty’s The DM’s Craft is one of the best YouTube RPG channels out there. Maybe the best when it comes to actual crafting for D&D using miniatures. He is the inventor of the 2.5d Dungeon Tiles System.

DM Scotty on YouTube- Here

The DM’s Craft Forum- Here

DM Scotty’s Facebook Group- Here


D&D NEXT Dungeon Creation System (The DM’s Craft)


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  1. Alex Maxwell
    | Reply

    looks like Ted Adams

  2. thedmg.info
    | Reply

    Not enough wisps 🙂

  3. Scotty McFarland
    | Reply

    Wow thanks guys…I am looking really green today…lol

  4. David Friant
    | Reply

    Yea I might of done it a little different, but than again it would also be a stick figure goblin.

  5. David Friant
    | Reply

    It kind of does, but you know those white, long haired, and glasses wearing nerds all look a like.

  6. David Friant
    | Reply

    Glad you like it DM Scotty.

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