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Welcome to another weekly edition of our web-comic “How to Speeks Goblin”. This week we will explore goblin cuisine. Although I will warn you it takes a goblin’s refined palate to stomach what you are going to witness in this week’s goblin web-comic. You know what they say  “If you are going to eat with goblins come full”.


So another week another web-comic hope you enjoyed it and our goblin friends haven’t stolen your appetite with there gross little antics. As always remember if you have idea for a How to speeks goblin web-comic we’d love to hear about it. Of course if we do a web-comic inspired by your idea you will get full credit for that week’s web-comic.

Until next time “Stay Nerdy”


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  1. dragonmasterdean
    | Reply

    ah, goblins and their meals.

  2. dragonmasterdean
    | Reply

    How about when a goblin actually hits something in combat? Same goblin that likes jerky is now a bow shooter (doesn’t like melee) and he put the finishing shot on a owlbear…

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