How to Speeks Goblin| CCG- Collectible Cockroach Game!

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How to Speeks Goblin | Chemistry
How to Speeks Goblin| Kabob

Hello and welcome to yet another week’s web-comic here at Nerdarchy. Today we will explore the goblin world of CCG and it probably doesn’t stand for what you think. It is always interesting to peer into the lives of our goblin friends and see what they perceive as fun like their little CCG- Collectible Cockroach Game.


Hope you’ve enjoyed this creepy crawly edition of “How to Speeks Goblin”. Remember if you have an idea and would like to get into the action just drop your web-comic idea in the comments below. Maybe your idea will be the next one we see a goblin partaking in. As always if we use your idea for a goblin web-comic we’ll be sure to give you the credit for the idea.

Until next time “Stay Nerdy”

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    Would hate to see how they play poker.

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