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We All Live In A Castle — WALIAC No. 1 A Sign of Things to Come

WALIAC No. 2 -- Five Easy Dungeon Room Pieces

Hello! Welcome to a new series from Nerdarchy — fantasy comics! We All Live In A Castle follows the lives of five fantasy characters inspired by our passion for Dungeons & Dragons. WALIAC won’t be the first comics we’ve created. Nerdarchist Ryan created How to Speeks Goblin back in April 2014 and it ran for over a year. Now in 2019, we fell in love with the work of artist William Elder and wanted to create something together with him. One of William’s pieces was done as promotional art for our adventure as guest Dungeon Masters at D&D In A Castle. Nerdarchy has our own castle in Staffordshire, UK in June 2019. Caverswall Castle is the only moated castle in the UK you can stay in, and we’ll be there with our own guest DMs Lysa Chen and Vee Mus’e to guide players from across the globe through an unforgettable three day D&D campaign!

D&D monsters fantasy webcomic WALIAC
WALIAC is illustrated by William Elder (@mmmmjava on Instagram) and written by Nerditor Doug Vehovec


In William’s DNDIAC art, he cartoonized all of us DMs in his distinctive offbeat style and we fell in love with the characters. When the idea of doing fantasy comics based on these characters got floated during a Nerdarchy meeting, we knew right away we wanted to explore what happens when five creatures move into an empty castle and make it their lair. Essentially comics about D&D monsters, we are having a blast coming up with the stories of how a group of fantasy D&D monsters living in a castle spends their time when there’s no adventurers around.

In WALIAC No. 1, the party of five arrives at a castle in-between adventurer dungeon delves, so the place is cleared out and empty…or is it? The Nerdarchy team is super excited to invite you along while these bold creatures explore their new home. This is the fictional story of five allies on a quest to live in a castle and have their lives illustrated.

If you like William’s art, you can follow @mmmmjava on Instagram. And if you like WALIAC let us know in the comments! If you enjoy D&D, fantasy and comics, we think you’ll have a good time following these five peculiar castle dwellers and maybe gain a new perspective about all those stat blocks your characters slay in our comic about D&D monsters. Join Goblin Chief, Goblin Lackey, Troll, Rascal and The Maker and follow their shenanigans right here on the Nerdarchy website. We hope you have as much fun exploring the castle as we do.

And as always, until next time, stay nerdy!

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