How To Speeks Goblin| IRS (Infernal Revenue Service)

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How to Speeks Goblin| Trick Shot
How to Speeks Goblin| GOLO- Goblins Only Live Once

It’s getting to be that time of year again where a good goblin reports to the IRS A.K.A Infernal Revenue Service. Oh and look in this week’s web-comic we have a nice friendly IRS agent reporting for duty. Notice how he administers his services to goblin after goblin with such efficiency and cheer. I must admit our goblin friends don’t appear nearly as happy as the the Infernal Revenue Service guy does.


Thanks for tuning in for another weekly web-comic about goblins. Can’t wait to see what our little green friends get up to in next week’s comic. In the mean time while we are waiting you can drop your suggestions in the comments below. Maybe you’ve got something better than Infernal Revenue Service up your sleeve. If you do we’d love to hear about and make a web-comic about it. As always we give credit where credit is due.

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    Having worked for them, I concur.

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