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Welcome to Nerdarchy for another weekly episode of our web-comic “How to Speeks Goblin”. Now one would not normally associate a goblin with a trick shot master or master archer, but we in this weeks goblin web-comic explore just that. Watch as our little green friend is forced to face down an owlbear. You know what they say “it’s better to be lucky than good”. This web-comic has been brought to us by Nerdarchist Ryan, but inspired by Dragonmaster Dean. Thank you Dragonmaster Dean.


As always feel free to drop your comments below about this goblin web-comic. Or if you have ideas for one of our weekly goblin web-comics you can drop that into the comments below as well. Don’t worry if we use your idea as a “How to Speeks Goblin” web-comic we’ll give you full credit for your contribution.

Until next time “Stay Nerdy”


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  1. dragonmasterdeanDean
    | Reply

    … goblins are great shots! LOL

  2. dragonmasterdeanDean
    | Reply

    and last adventure Droop the goblin sneaked up on a evil knight that was already at 0 and used his dagger to force the final failure… sneaky goblins

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