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Humble RPG Bundle Frog God Games 5E adventure modules

Frog God Games and Friends Humble RPG Bundle Up Dungeons, Hordes & Horrors

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I’m not one to use published adventures. Often preferring to write my own content, infrequently making minor exceptions. A new Humble RPG Bundle has been launched by the very generous Frog God Games and their creative friends at Kobold Press and Troll Lord Games. This one is all about 5E adventure modules and has a slight lean towards spooky going-ons and monsters. I’ve read through most of these modules in the bundle and they are up to the incredible quality standard Frog God Games has always shown. While I’ll probably never run one of these modules start to end, I will have so much content to comb through, pick out and repurpose that these products will likely give me hundreds of hours in enjoyment. Let’s hop into these Frog God Games adventures and I’ll pull out some of my favorites I think everyone will find useful.

Humble RPG Bundle Frog God Games 5E adventure modules

Goats that steal souls and eat them are just one of many, many adventures included in the Dungeons, Hordes & Horrors Humble RPG Bundle. [Art by Artem Shukaev]

5E adventure modules with a classical spin

I really like that Frog God Games content tends towards honoring this hobby’s past while transforming these ideas to function in a contemporary game style. These adventures really do balance the old and new so well. It’s hard to pin down a true through-line of setting as there are so many modules, however they do share some tertiary themes. There are interesting, thought-out NPCs described on the page, unique creatures to throw at your parties, and very useful background with notes to help ease Game Masters into these modules. The adventures are built fairly open, allowing characters to explore the space established for them. There are guides for GMs to help give ideas to arbitrate players taking different paths to overcome conflicts and, something I love, lots and lots of rollable tables.

Frog God Games

Worlds beyond the Forgotten kind


One criticism of the 5E core is a lack of different settings. This Humble RPG Bundle is a great remedy for that. This bundle includes a setting called The Blight vastly different than the core books coming out in the mainline D&D. Not only is this setting explained in general, but it goes down to details such as the pantheon, how different races interact with the world, and even the political landscape (nearly 900 pages!). The biggest thing I was surprised with is the world wasn’t isn’t briefly described and then given a short adventure, but instead an entire 70 page document was written on the world, intended to be a player guide to help the players understand the world if they’re curious to do so. An additional document created specifically for GMs details new spells, archetypes, all manner of monsters and more. The GMs Guide is over 200 pages! Then, after you have all this content, they have five adventure modules included, some over fifty pages in length. If you’re looking for a new setting, check this bundle out!

All these delicious cherries

At the end of the day, if you’re like me, adventure modules by themselves are not going to be a selling point. Why do you need someone else to tell you how to run your world? Well, no one, but there is so much creative content, you can cherry pick all manner of monsters, adventure hooks, magic items, spells and archetypes. It’s incredible how much there is to just grab, hand over fist. I’ve already started incorporating these beauties into my games, to include a Slime Domain for clerics, an undead goat that steals and consumes souls, to multiple tables describing rates of transmitted diseases from disease carrying mosquitos. If you can’t have fun giving yellow fever to your party, I don’t know what game you’re playing.

I’ve had a lot of fun just going through these PDFs and pondering on what I can do with all this in-depth and often humorous content. I hope you’ll give it a chance and at least check out the Humble Bundle. Go forth and use all this content in your many adventures and have fun lowering your parties attributes based on the ambient temperature. How do these designers think of these things?

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