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Brian Colin Kickstarter Revilo

Back and Forth on the Revilo Creation Collection with Creature Curator Brian Colin

Salutations, nerds! Today we’re going to take an opportunity to talk about a Kickstarter by the phenomenally talented Brian Colin. The Revilo Creature Collection is a bestiary the likes of which you’re unlikely to have seen before. The creatures in the book are ones Brian has brought to life in the form of sculptures.

Kate Welch

D&D Welcomes Kate Welch as Game Designer

Way back in November 2017, Wizards of the Coast announced their search for a game designer to join the fifth edition Dungeons & Dragons team. Countless hopeful candidates the world over threw their hats, resumes and CVs in the ring for this nerdy dream job. And on Jan. 18, 2018 we found out who earned this incredible position.

Tomb of Annihilation Companion a Guide for All Dungeon Masters

Guest poster Brian McGee started playing fifth edition Dungeons & Dragons with my home group earlier this year, quickly discovering enthusiastic enjoyment from the world’s greatest roleplaying game. After a few sessions playing in my Spelljammer campaign, a one-shot as a tribe of grung and a pickup session of Sunless Citadel he went all-in as a Dungeon Master. We all had a terrific time playing in his iteration of Matt Colville’s Delian Tomb, and when his turn behind the screen came back around Brian wanted to run Tomb of Annihilation. We decided to use the same party we started his game with and took them on the journey to Chult. When the Tomb of Annihilation Companion landed on my desk, we’d just played our first session. Since Brian expressed an interest in doing some writing for Nerdarchy I passed the guide along to him as both a resource for our game and his first writing assignment. – Nerditor Doug

D&D customized content

D&D Customized Content Creation: From Modules to Modular

I’ve been ruminating a lot lately about the evolution of Dungeons & Dragons. From early days playing through adventures like The Keep on the Borderlands and Palace of the Silver Princess to running fifth edition D&D quests like Curse of Strahd or careening through a slapdash Spelljammer campaign the game – and the people who play it – have changed a lot.

One of the ways D&D cleaves to current day sensibilities is through individualized customized content. This isn’t to say D&D wasn’t personalized for all the groups out there rolling funny-shaped dice back in the day, but the way folks play and the content we use to make the magic happen at the table has undergone a sea change.

Stuff Your Digital Stocking and Help a Charity with Frog God Games and Kobold Press Humble Bundle

Is it Dec. 6, 2017 at 11 a.m. PST already? You’re in luck, roleplaying gamer! While you’re getting ready to stuff your stockings this holiday season you can stuff your digital bookshelf full of a dragon’s hoard worth of awesome books – and help out a charity for doing it!

Bill Webb, co-founder of Frog God Games partnered up with Wolfgang Baur and Kobold Press to create the first ever fifth edition Dungeons & Dragons Humble RPG Book Bundle. The offering is live for two weeks and the clock is already ticking.

Nerdarchy Dice roller app

Nerdarchy Dice App Dev Shares Insights Into Our Dice Roller App

Hello Nerdarchy community!
Did you catch our Quests & Adventures live chat #50 on Dec. 2, 2017? During the chat, Nerdarchists Dave and Ted and Nate the Nerdarch announced a new, exciting venture – the Nerdarchy Dice app. This playtested calculator is currently in available in the itunes store for iOS, ready to handle all the math and modifiers for your RPG rolling needs.
D&D Beyond DDB

D&D Beyond Updates, Cyber Monday Sales and Adam Bradford Live Chat

The November Live Development Update and Q&A from D&D Beyond went up recently, and product lead Adam Bradford once again delivered a robust discussion covering a wide range of topics encompassing the fantastic digital toolset. The latest updates highlights new homebrew background and feat creation, showcasing the Honorable Hood and Dagger Master content to illustrate how creators can use these tools. There’s also refined monster listing descriptions that adds compendium info, official errata updates and an overview of how the Xanathar’s Guide to Everything preview videos as well as new videos might be integrated further into the content on the site.

Wyatt Ferris #PlayForWyatt

Wyatt Ferris Inspires Gamers to #PlayForWyatt

It’s truly a testament to how awesome the gaming community is that when tragedy took an awesome person from our nerdy world, and his mom reached out, gamers around the globe answered the call.

Hello Awesome Crafters, Last week my 17 year old son Wyatt Ferris took his own life after suffering a traumatic brain injury. He was very active in the gaming community, both as player and GM. In order to show our endless love for Wyatt and to honor his countless hours at the gaming tables, we’re asking GMs and storytellers around the world to add Wyatt as an NPC in your games. Wyatt was a paladin, cavalier, war priest, rogue, swashbuckler, investigator, Hellknight bodyguard, and more. Please see the photos here of Wyatt and use the hashtags #Play4Wyatt #WyattNPC so we can follow his continued adventures. Thank you for helping this broken hearted mother mend after this tragic loss. I love the gaming community for starting this for my son. My Twitter is @baddicebad. Please Like, Comment, Share and Subscribe!

Kobold Press Granting Wishes With Genies Great And Small

Once in a while a really great product is introduced to us, and it is my great pleasure to be the digital town crier for this particular occasion. You, my beautiful friends, have the pleasure of living in an age when many great minds are out there creating every possibility the world can think of.
Dan Dillon, who some may know for his prominent presence on Facebook’s Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition group as well as other products for Dungeons & Dragons, has joined the illustrious banner of Kobold Press to bring Genies Great and Small: 21 New Genies of Zakhara exclusively to the Dungeon Master’s Guild. To me, this is a step closer to bringing Sandstorm back to fifth edition D&D, and is a very welcome item to any game. To make this rebirth of older editions more visual Karl Waller, of Al-Qadim fame, has provided illustrations for this supplement. (Nerdarchy’s promo code DTRPG-Nerdarchy works at the DM’s Guild and all the One Book Shelf sites for a one-time 10 percent discount on orders of $10 or more) [This coupon code is applicable to digital products only.]
Eye of the Beholder Dungeons & Dragons art

Gazing Into Eye of the Beholder: The Art of Dungeons & Dragons

Whether you started playing Dungeons & Dragons out of the original woodgrain-colored box and the three little brown booklets inside or you’re new to the hobby and go completely digital with D&D Beyond, before you make a single die roll, you’re drawn in by art. From Greg Bell’s Doctor Strange “inspired” mounted warrior on the original 1974 box cover to Tyler Jacobson’s depiction of an adventurer battling King Snurre on the fifth edition Dungeons & Dragons Player’s Handbook, fantasy art’s history and influence on D&D is woven into the fabric of the game.

The stories behind the art, helping to create the worlds we play in, are the focus of the new documentary Eye of the Beholder: The Art of Dungeons & Dragons from the team of X-Ray Films and Cavegirl Productions. The film profiles artists who contributed to the rich world of fantasy D&D art and features insiders, designers, writers and fans sharing the impact of art on their games and lives.

D&D Spelljammer

D&D Goes Sci-Fi with Hyperlanes

Since making the transition to full-time writer, Ryan Chaddock shows no signs of slowing down. Already a prolific writer with a sizable selection of material for Cypher System-powered games Numenera and The Strange, Chaddock elevated his efforts when he launched his first Kickstarter for Swans of Black. More recently, creating content under the Scrivened LLC brand, Chaddock and colleagues enjoyed an incredibly successful Kickstarter for Hyperlanes, following up with Hellscapes.

RollPlay roundtable

RollPlay Roundtable Digs Deep into D&D with Matt Mercer, Adam Koebel, Mike Mearls and Matt Colville

In case you missed it, a very thought-provoking event took place on Oct. 9, 2017 for anyone in the Dungeons & Dragons or tabletop roleplaying game community.

Hosted on the itmeJP YouTube channel. Adam Koebel moderated a roundtable discussion including fifth edition Dungeons & Dragons co-creator and creative lead Mike Mearls, Critical Role Dungeon Master and voice actor Matt Mercer and video game writer and author Matt Colville, whose popular YouTube channel and presence in the D&D community has had a powerful impact on the hobby.

RollPlay Presents: A 5E Roundtable Discussion began with a deceptively complex question.

GM Tips Geek and Sundry Satine Phoenix

Geek and Sundry GM Tips with Satine Phoenix…and Nerdarchy!

[embed]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ztH7NtxVl2M[/embed] Thanks to so many awesome Nerdarchy fans and supporters, Nerdarchists Dave and Ted were able to make it out to Los Angeles earlier this year to appear on GM Tips with Satine Phoenix. The Geek and Sundry program features different Game Masters each week tackling...

character class

Making a Pact with Warlock Patreon from Kobold Press

Since 2012, the Kobold Press imprint has produced some of the best-received third-party content for fifth edition Dungeons & Dragons. Their biggest release – both in terms of sheer size and tabletop roleplaying game culture penetration – is the Tome of Beasts. The 433-page book of monsters is a staple on the shelf of countless D&D players, as iconic and indispensable as the Monster Manual for many Dungeon Masters (myself included).

The material produced by Kobold Press runs the gamut and truly includes something for everyone who plays D&D. Everything from a complete campaign setting to new schools of magic, Game Master guides, the 2017 Ennie Award-winning Kobold Guide to Plots and Campaigns and the recently released Prepared 2: A Dozen One-shot Adventures for 5th Edition offer valuable resources for D&D DMs and players.

But if even all of that isn’t enough, esteemed game designer Wolfgang Baur and the team at Kobold Press launched a new project designed to give even more cool material on a regular, ongoing basis. The Warlock is a Patreon-fueled project in the form of a booklet containing new maps, monsters, character options and more. You can find out all about it and pledge your support here.

D&D Gen Con adventure

Matt Mercer & Friends Prove Every Roll Matters in Gen Con GM Improv Showdown

Gen Con 50 was a records-shattering celebration of gaming culture with countless seminars, panels, events and of course games! Nerdarchy made the pilgrimage to Indianapolis, where Nerdarchist Dave and Web editor Doug met fans and colleagues, met awesome industry influencers and forged new friendships with gamers of every stripe.

Nerdarchy also had the honor of livestreaming a very special event, immediately following the live Maze Arcana game that Nerdarchist Dave played in with DM Ruty Rutenberg and players Satine Phoenix, Amy Vorpahl, Amy Dallen and Andrew Armstrong.

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