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Paizo announced in a press release on March 26 the start of a weekly live stream Fridays at 4 p.m. Pacific on their Twitch channel beginning March 30. The live stream will help answer fans’ Pathfinder Second Edition questions and provide news and entertainment based around both Pathfinder and Starfinder. Paizo has been cranking out the blog posts over at the playtest site, providing sneak peeks at leveling and different class features. The team has also been globetrotting to different conventions to showcase the playtests and get people involved.

With all this on their plate they’ve decided it wasn’t enough, the people need more interaction so here it comes folks. They’ve started their own show just to update you, the players, because you are what’s important to them. The show will be hosted by Jason Bulmahn, Paizo director of game design, and feature gameplay, interviews, gaming seminars and everything needed to bring you the Pathfinder Second Edition information you so desire.

Going forward, the Paizo Twitch channel will start offering gameplays, interviews, seminars and interactive events as well.

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