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5E Dungeons, Hordes & Horrors Humble RPG Bundle

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Any funny-shaped dice enthusiast can’t get enough tabletop roleplaying game material on your bookshelves, right? And if those bookshelves are digital you don’t even need to worry about space. Although you miss out on those extra screws, nuts and bolts after assembling your new Ikea bookcase. Frog God Games has partnered up with Kobold Press and Troll Lord Games to expand your RPG collection with the 5E Dungeons, Hordes & Horrors Humble Bundle. Running until June 22, 2018, you can get over $381 of ebooks including adventures and campaign guides for as little a $1 and contribute to charity at the same time.

Quests of Doom 4: Fishers of Men from Frog God Games is one of many, many adventures in the Humble RPG Bundle.

Be proud of your Humble RPG Bundle

In December 2017, FGG and Kobold Press teamed up for the first ever fifth edition Dungeons & Dragons Humble RPG Book Bundle. This new bundle features all different items from the previous one, making it a valuable addition to anyone’s collection and showcasing the incredible libraries these publishers offer. The sheer volume of adventures in the 5E Dungeons, Hordes & Horrors Humble Bundle could keep parties busy for years and help inspire your own quests with plot ideas, NPCs, maps and campaign settings.

Even if you have some or most of these already, any single one of them is worth the cost by itself. With three tiers of bundle choices you can get over $381 worth of digital books for $15. The charity selected for this Humble RPG Bundle is the Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society.

At the $1 level you get Prepared: A Dozen Adventures for 5th Edition from Kobold Press; Rising Knight, Assault on Blacktooth Ridge, Slag Heap, and Wicked Cauldron from Troll Lord Games; Quests of Doom 4: Awakenings, and Cave of Iron, and the Lost Lands World Map from Frog God Games; The Braingorger’s Appetite from Gamehole Publishing; and a 30 percent off coupon for all three publishers.

For $8 you get all the previous content plus Usurprers of the Fell Axe, The Shattered Horn, Of Banishment & Blight, Beneath the Despairing Stone, and Forsaken Mountain from Troll Lord Games; Quests of Doom 4: Desperation of Ivy, Pictures at an Exhibition, Fishers of Men, Forgive and Regreat, and A Little Knowledge from Frog God Games; Into the Deep Dark from Gamehold Publishing; and Prepared 2: A Dozen One-Shot Adventures for 5th Edition from Kobold Press.

Unlocked for $15 adds to all that with Beneath the Helm of Night, Last Respite, Wasting Way, and Paladin’s Lament from Troll Lord Games; The Blight, Tome of Blighted Horrors, Crooked Nail, Horror in the Sinks, Bloody Jack, Crucible, Children of the Harvest, Tome of Adventure Design, The Blight Game Master’s Guide, The Blight Player’s Handbook, and The Blight Poster Maps from Frog God Games (an enormous amount of FGG content); and Items Wondrous Strange, Blood Vaults of Sister Alkava, and Grimalkin from Kobold Press.

From the Humble RPG Bundle: 5E Dungeons, Hordes & Horrors page:

The horror! The horror! We’ve teamed up with Frog God Games and friends for another bundle of tabletop goodness. (Or, you know, evil.) Get a library of maps, campaign guides, adventures, and other resources to support the fifth edition of everyone’s favorite roleplaying game.Pay what you want. All together, these ebooks would cost over $381. Here at Humble Bundle, you choose the price and increase your contribution to upgrade your bundle! This bundle has a minimum $1 purchase.Read them anywhere. These books are available in HQ PDF format, so you can read them anywhere at any time. Instructions and a list of recommended reading programs can be found here.Support charity. Choose where the money goes – between the publishers and the Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society via the PayPal Giving Fund. If you like what we do, you can leave us a Humble Tip too!

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