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Another month, another Unearthed Arcana for fifth edition Dungeons & Dragons and while I’m often “meh” about most of them, I am particularly pumped about the D&D Giant Soul Sorcerer. I’ve never really cared to much about the sorcerer either direction. It’s a fine class, it just doesn’t really interest me. Now my mind is racing with possibilities and I’m ready to get big. I imagine if you’re reading this you’ve already read it so I’ll leave the rules narration to the other guys. Let’s jump right into the juicy character stuff with the D&D giant soul sorcerer!

Unearthed Arcana giant soul sorcerer
Alex Louis Armstrong from Fullmetal Alchemist looks pretty giant soul sorcerous, no?

Big impact from D&D giant soul sorcerer

“New releases from Unearthed Arcana always get the community talking. The giant soul sorcerer is no exception, offering a really cool Sorcerous Origin option for D&D players to explore. For D&D sorcerers, their power is in their blood, and these spellcasters have access to special spells and powers related to one of the six giant types. Like other installments of Unearthed Arcana, the Giant Soul Sorcerous Origin is available for character creation on D&D Beyond too!” – Nerditor Doug

From the D&D Giant Soul Sorcerer Unearthed Arcana:

“The giants once dwelled in a fabled realm known as Ostoria, a paradise for their folk that reflected their mastery of the mortal realm. In time, Ostoria fell, and the giants were scattered and broken. During that mythic era, the giants granted a few chosen individuals among the small folk a shard of their great power. These favored people were caught in the same tragedy that sundered Ostoria. Since that time, they have spread across the many worlds of the multiverse. Now and again, one of their descendants manifests the gifts imparted by the giants, granting them sorcerous magic that allows them to command the elements and gain the might of a giant.”

Koren Hillock, Eminence

Koren Hillock was a simple mason under the tutelage of his father before the event. Aiding his father in the quarry gathering stone, Koren came across a giant frozen in stone. Something drove him to bring his chisel to bear against the massive form in the hillside and when he did, the power that emerged changed everything. In an explosion of power, Koren was thrown into the pit. After a fall that should have killed him, he stood just in time to leap away from a large bone crashing down next to him. Inspecting it, he was oddly aware it was a finger bone of that giant from above. Taking it, he was imbued with powerful ancient magics buried away ages ago. Now taking the name Eminence, he is gripped by the need to uncover more ancient rites of the giants, using his newfound powers to rise above and crush the evil that stands before his might.

Hill giant sorcerer

Koren is a human with the Hill Giant Soul Sorcerous Origin. The quarterstaff he wields is a massive finger bone from the giant that gave him his power. A humble and kind mason’s son becomes a ravaging brute on the battlefield. Using shillelagh and enlarge in combat, he is able to swing the giant’s limb like a club and crush anything that opposes him in roars of fury. Switching from mild-mannered young man to a massive howling brute was odd for his compatriots at first, but they’ve learned to take advantage of his ability to toss enemies aside and throw allies into prime positions. Eventually, after many battles and learning about the secrets of the long lost Giant Tablets, he learns the ability to triple and even quadruple in size.

What do you think? Excited about the new Unearthed Arcana? What is your favorite of the giant soul sorcerer choices? Are you wanting to play one soon? Let us know in the comments below.

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