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Every single day the Dungeon Masters Guild adds new titles. At the time I’m writing this 14,184 titles stock the DMs Guild digital shelves and for every adventure, player option or Dungeon Master resource, somewhere along the line the author published their first one. This past week one of my favorite people in the D&D community to game with, Dylan Ramsey, published their first title. Dance of the Deathless Frost expands on Baldur’s Gate: Descent into Avernus with a whole new way to approach the 5E D&D adventure with new locales, NPCs and magic items, including vehicle stats for the Baba Yaga’s hut plus a chance to tame the demon lord Kostchtchie. If you’re a Dungeon Master, chances are you’ve created your own content along the way too, right? Maybe you adapted adventures from earlier editions, created new subclasses for your campaign setting, focused on an element of the game to expand on or a million other things. Consider taking the opportunity to add your creations to the DMs Guild! Players and DMs are always on the lookout for new stuff to add to our games, and maybe yours inspire someone else.

D&D community 5E D&D DMs Guild
The Real Reason the Romans left Britain, depicts a little-known episode in British history, in which two Roman foot soldiers have bumped into Kostchtchie, the surly fellow from page 40 of the Monster Manual II. The unsquashed legionnaire is going to get it! [Art by Daniel Horne from the cover of Dragon Magazine No. 119]

Share your world through the DMs Guild

Even if you play 5E D&D campaigns set in established settings like the Forgotten Realms, the world becomes yours the moment you begin playing. Dance of the Deathless Frost represents a perfect example of this, and I can tell you with 100% certainly after playing with Dylan many times, we always make the settings our own! Check it out and expand your Descent into Avernus game here.

I’ve been poking around the DMs Guild since it started, and even before I started creating content with Nerdarchy, I tried my hand at content creation over there too. Since then, we’ve dropped over 20 titles there ourselves. So for this week I’m going to spotlight a DM’s Guild title that caught my eye, along with the creator’s first title.

  • 5e Color Starter Character Sheet v6. I love the use of color on this character sheet! And wouldn’t you know it, this is author Douglas G Painter’s first and only DMs Guild title. Way to go, Douglas! Also, great name. 😉 Check this out here.
  • Accursed Apple Twists. A low level adventure with a culinary theme, yes please! Quickphix Club has 15 DMs Guild titles starting with The Galley of Death from August 2019. They’re keeping busy! Check this out here.
  • I Need Healing! A collection of magical and nonmagical healing options from Sean vas Terra looks pretty useful. There’s also injury rules to make long lasting impact from those grievous wounds adventurers can suffer fighting monsters all the time. I can think of quite a few people who’d be interested in their first published title, Greater Dragonborn | A Revised Take on the Dragonborn Race, too. Check this out here.
  • The Abomination Class. A new character class with the ability to transform into a powerful monster sounds like fun. I can’t speak to the balance of mechanics or anything but it sounds fun. Creators make the kind of content they want to see in their games, and it looks like author Conner McCall digs some D&D monsters starting with their first title. Book of Dragons is a 237-page supplement with draconic options available to players and Dungeon Masters. Check this out here.
  • Trinkets of the Underdark. Trinkets are one of my favorite things about character creation. I love when players find clever ways to incorporate them into their characters and adventures. I certainly do when I get a chance to play. In addition to 50 trinkets and 13 magical trinkets inside, there’s also 10 Underdark plot hooks. Author David Stephens has 34 other DMs Guild titles too, including their Silver Bestselling first one, Horonial’s Guide to the Blood Wars Vol. 1 Weapons of Spite and Malice. Check this out here.
  • Book of the Doggo (Dog Race and Subclass). This book sounds like a lot of fun. There’s a dog race created through the use of the awaken spell and the Ca-Knight Martial Archetype based around protecting your friends and supporting allies. Creator Jordan Allen has a dozen DMs Guild titles and they all look similarly neat, all with fun artwork like their first title The Telepath: (Homebrew Class Update 0.4). Check this out here.
  • Oath of the Veil: A Paladin Subclass. Paladins sworn to uphold the balance between life and death sounds very evocative! Creator Matthew Gravelyn created this Sacred Oath using their own Create-An-Oath guide, a how-to process for creating your own paladin Oaths based on research of official subclasses. Not surprisingly there’s quite a few more new player options in this creator’s list of titles, but also adventures like their first title, Destiny Abroad: The Voyage of the Rose Marie. Check this out here.
  • Path of the Azure primal path for barbarians. This one is near and dear to my heart, because I created it! Inspired by Blue Magic from Final Fantasy, this barbarian path gives you a way to learn and use monster special abilities. I play a duergar Path of the Azure barbarian in a Waterdeep: Dragon Heist game and it’s one of my favorite characters ever. This is my one and only DMs Guild title, not counting any Nerdarchy stuff. It could use some revision but I’m still proud of it. Check this out here.
  • Witch Doctor Character Build Guide. I mean, I’ve got to toot our own horn a little bit right? The Nerdarchy crew creates Adventurers League Character Build Guides pretty regularly, and this is our most recent one. There’s a level-by-level breakdown for our wacky ideas and then we create an NPC or creature based on the character guide for DMs. We’re up to 33 of these guides starting with the Mind Breaker Paladin Character Build Guide and our next one should be in the near future — the Drunken Tactician. Check this out here.

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