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Galladoria Games is Creating Painted and Unpainted Miniatures and Terrain

If you love excellently sculpted terrain and miniatures available in both painted and unpainted options then you really need to check out Galladoria Games. I first found them when they released the Mimic Invasion Kit 1. The kit includes the disguised and revealed mimic versions of items and terrain features like sleeping bags, hats, books, barrels and more. Mimic Invasion Kit 1 is a great collection. Mimic Invasion Kit 2 recently released too. The follow up set adds more fun mimics like thrones, anvils and piles of treasure.

Galladoria Games miniatures mimic invasion

More than mimics from Galladoria Games (but those mimics!)

Galladoria Games creates more than mimics though. They highly detailed resin cast terrain and scatter in addition to miniatures. All their available iitems are offered n painted and unpainted options. And they have taken things further with their current Kickstarter. For the Terrain is a new set of accessories to add to your tabletop roleplaying game. For the Terrain allows you to select the pieces you are interested in either piecemeal or choose entire sets for better pricing.

The Crown and Laurel accessory kit comes with wagons, tables, chairs, kegs and more. The Kahari Desert has a dungeon arch, a pack lizard, crystals and obelisks. The Alchemy Chamber Toxic Slime kit has a number of great items. The slime options tower, throne, dispenser, barrels and spills mean you can run whole games with alchemy and poison. These items give Game Masters and players some new options with things to do in combat.

I am most excited for the Infernal Plane kit. The demon skull entrance is amazing and fills me with loads of ideas on how to use this in my games. A summoning circle, lava pools, scrying pool and a demonic prison cell have a wide variety of uses. If you are playing a future or steampunk type game then the Modular Pipeline Kit might be what you are looking for. With a large variety of pipes, connectors and downspouts you have lots of options of how you set this up.

With multiple stretch goals already unlocked you have to check out Galladoria Games’ For the Terrain Kickstarter. The stretch goals unlocked are a slime spawn, a wine rack as well as two pillars of the seeing eye. Having purchased things from Galladoria Games before I am fond of their work and quality and look forward to many more amazing things to add to my game. So I can only ask that you check them out and give them a shot.

Until next time, stay nerdy!

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