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Player Tips – Adding more Class to your Class – Druid

druidHappy Friday we made it through another week so that means it is time look again through the window and see what cool new ways that you can play your class in Dungeons and Dragons.  Last week we looked into adding more class to your class, Cleric, you can check out that article here.   Today we are going to get wild and talk about the Druid.

How do You Add More Class to Your Class – Druid?

The druid as is presented so far in Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition has two distinct options.  The options are circle of the land and circle of the moon.  So far based on what I have seen the druids of the land tend to build their spellcasting characters and either rarely use their wild shapes if at all.  If they do use them it for exploration and or stealth.  The druids of the moon tend to walk around as people and use their wild shapes for combat.  Their spells then are used for healing and exploration.

Player Tips – Adding more Class to your Class – Cleric

clericWelcome back to another series of mine.  Last week we did a player tip to spice up your bard.  You can read about that one here.  Today however we are going deep into faith and are going to ramp up your cleric.

Now the Cleric is a tricky one because the religion that a character follows can literally put them anywhere on the character spectrum.  Clerics can be melee fighters or spell casters.  It is all dependent on what your stats are and what god you worship.  So how can we add more to an already limitless option.

To do that I say lets do something that will be fitting to the game you are playing and play something that you have not done before.  If you are already used to playing a very martial cleric try the other side.  If you are more used to playing the stand in the back and heal, go martial.

What do You do to Add more Class to your Class – Cleric?

Player Tips – Ways to get More Immersed in Your RPG – Part 4

immersedWelcome back to Nerdarchy.  Today I will continue my series on getting more immersed in your table top RPG.  Last week I talked about descriptive actions.  You can read that article here.

Today I am going to talk about Flaws and Goals.  Every character that has ever been popular in movies, tv and  books has had some weakness as well as ambition to do something.  The iconic Superhero Superman is an extreme example of these concepts.  His Weakness is a literal weakness.  Kryptonite brings him to his knees, too weak to even move at times. His ambition is plain to help humanity and save people.

Do Flaws and Goals get YOU more Immersed in your RPG?

Player Tips – Ways to get More Immersed in Your RPG – Part 1

immersedOk tabletop lovers.  We all know that there are all types of players.  Some of you care more about just killing monsters and getting the treasure, but others care about exploration not only of the world in which you are playing but within the character themselves.

There are many ways as a player or a Game Master to get fully immersed in the game you are playing.  As a  Game Master being descriptive, but not overly so, helps paint the picture of what is around.  This can be very different for each group make sure you are not over or under doing it.  Have talks with your players to make sure you are giving them what level they desire.

Tips to get You Even More Immersed in Your RPG

English not your first language? Use that for RPG fun

Monsters of Faerun Japanese 2004

Monsters of Faerun, Japanese language edition, D&D 3.5, 2004

One of the great experiences of taking part in tabletop role playing games online is that you get to interact with people from different cultures, often who do not have English as their first language. The roots of tabletop RPGs are mainly in countries which have English as a common tongue, and no few of us gamers were brought up on English and are mostly familiar gaming with others who speak English, so it can be interesting and sometimes a challenge to game with those who come from a different background.

That being said, there are plenty of online games taking place in non-English languages despite many rules sets having not been officially translated, including the most recent edition of Dungeons & Dragons. A quick look around various sites which are home to online RPGs can lead one to campaigns in Spanish, German, and any number of other languages. Still, it seems games in English are quite common, perhaps the most common.

Even the English language has its variations

Ty’s Gaming Resolutions for the 2016 New Year

In a matter of days it’s going to be a new year, and like the beginning of every new year, many of us make resolutions. Some of us will try to lose weight or quit smoking. Others will try to be nicer to people or maybe promise to put money into savings. Me? This year I’m going to try to be a better tabletop role-player. How do I hope to accomplish this? By following my resolutions below.

Expanding my horizons in the new year, Part I

ball drop

Are you going to watch the ball drop to kick in the new year?

I have a tendency to find a role-playing game I like, then stick with it and nothing else for months, even years. Right now I’m enjoying Fifth Edition D&D, so I’ve been playing lots of it. See, I’ve been gaming for 35 years, off and on, and I’ve played all kinds of systems, some good, some bad, and I guess now in my forties I’ve grown a bit … maybe “lazy” would be the right word, though I prefer “skeptical.” I’m usually not interested in learning yet another system, especially if it’s one which I know I won’t be playing more than maybe once or twice. I need to break this habit. There are lots of great games out there which I’ve yet to experience, and a few which I’ve only experienced once or twice. So, one of my gaming resolutions is to play more games that are new to me, to enjoy the experience of different game systems. I’m especially interested in trying out some zombie survival games.

Expanding my horizons, Part II

Dungeons and Dragons – Descriptive Combat Using Real World Fighting Techniques

dungeons and dragonsHello again my loyal Nerdarchists.  As I have mentioned on numerous videos I have done years worth of combat with the historical fighting style of the German Longsword. Having knowledge of how an actual sword fight can go can make describing combat scenes and maneuvers far more interesting and realistic.

Over the years of study I have used several historic manuals.  You can use the Knightly Art of the Sword by Ringeck.  This is a great book that not only has the text with corresponding artwork showing the sword-work in motion, but it also has the original German so you can see how it translated.  And if you are fluent in German you can read it as it was originally written.

How do You Use Descriptive Combat in Dungeons and Dragons?

Cooperation Versus Character – Player Tips for Your Gaming Table

player tipsLoud footsteps echo through the stonework halls as you pursue the fleet goblin. The breath comes heavy and hot in your lungs as you round a corner and, without warning, there he is. A dead end! You have the jewel thief dead to rights. He throws his dagger to the ground with a clatter.

MARLENE (playing Warner, the paladin): “All right, give it up. You’re all out of options.”

JEFF (the Dungeon Master, voicing the goblin thief): The goblin cringes, then lets out a long breath, his eyes downcast. “Okay. Okay. I don’t have the Egret’s Emerald on me, though.” His eyes brighten slightly. “We can make a deal though. If I show you where the emerald is, I’ll leave town. I was just trying to get out from under the Guild anyway. Just don’t turn me in. They’ll kill me in jail.”

Do you Cooperate at Your Gaming Table

Gaming with new players – Player/Game Master tips

game master tips role playing gamesGreetings Nerdarchist Ted here and if you are a regular visitor to our site you will know that today should be a Goblin comic.  But Nerdarchist Ryan celebrated Star Wars day with a great comic so we actually launched that one on Monday.

So that shifted my usual articles back a day.  So here we are with me on a Wednesday.

New players at your role playing game offer an assortment of challenges as well as an assortment of boon.  Now sadly I am not talking about Epic boons bestowed upon you when you reach 20th level but they are advantages never the less.

 Player tips for new players in a Role Playing game


Character Builds — Dragonborn Paladin in 5E D&D

Hello Nerdarchy reader, Nerdarchist Dave here to talk character builds. I got me a hankering to delve into a dragonborn paladin for fifth edition Dungeons & Dragons. Paladins are an iconic character class harkening back to the very beginning of the game. Dragonborn on the other hand are a bit newer, first appearing in 3.5 D&D towards the end in a different incarnation than the current version. They really came into their own with fourth edition D&D. To be honest it took me a little while to warm up to them as player character race. Honestly it was the 4E D&D art that killed them for me. Two words: dragon boobs! The idea of a mammalian trait slapped onto a reptilian race seemed ridiculous to me. But I’ve decided to grow as a person and get over it. Not too long ago I wrote an article about dragonborn that kind of made me want to play one hence this article where we build a dragonborn paladin.

The Wemic — Monster and Playable Race for 5E D&D

Hello fellow Nerdarchists, today I want to bring you one of my favorite races from Dungeons & Dragons past — the wemic. I fell in love with the wemic back in my early days of playing second edition Advanced Dungeons & Dragons. When I got my hands on the Complete Book of Humanoids I played many of those races and wemic was absolutely my favorite. You have to admit the wemic is a realy cool race. So I am proud to give you my take on the wemic both as a monster and a playable race.

RPG game master player

How to Find a Gaming Group for Tabletop RPG Games

Hey folks Nerdarchist Dave here to talk about the age old question: how do I find a gaming group? This can be super easy or a Herculean task especially among us tabletop RPG gamers. Let’s face it, inside the gaming community there are more socially inept people than you can roll a d20 at. I feel like can say that, being one of the inept. I personally have always gotten anxiety when placed in large social gatherings with people I don’t know.

Getting into Character for Tabletop Roleplaying

Hello Nerdarchy friends and fans! Nerdarchist Ted here. Today we are going to step back and lift the veil from the gaming world and talk about the mindset. I have been tabletop roleplaying for well over two decades. In this time I have played countless characters both as a Dungeon Master and as a player character. Whether you wing it every session or you have a detailed process, you might want some tips so here are some ideas to help you out.

Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition Character Build – Human Tempest Cleric 1st and 7th level

I started this character Teslanon Stormchaser for a fifth edition Dungeons & Dragons meat grinder in Planescape run by SR2Joker for the November Brigadecon. My fellow Nerdarchist Ted has gone through clerics in general and has also discussed a different human cleric character build with the Knowledge Domain. I thought the Domain selection added such versatility to clerics that I went with the Tempest domain since I wanted to have some control over my enemies. What started out as a simple cleric concept for getting me through all of the terrors thrown in my way ended up as a really fleshed out cleric character build with personality and depth. I sat there scratching my head. How in the Middle Earth did this happen?

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