Talking nerdy with Nerdarchists Dave and Ted in the live chat

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Sans guest, Nerdarchists Dave and Ted hung out with fans live, answered viewer and Patreon questions and talked about nerdy stuff during live chat #46. The classic Nerdarchy camaraderie was in full swing as these OG Nerdarchists chatted with each … Read More


Cardboard Fortress lowers the drawbridge to Nerdarchy live chat

Nerdarchy friend and regular gamer in Nerdarchist Dave’s Gryphongaff game, Anthony Amato from Cardboard Fortress Games joined the daily live chat to talk nerdy. Amato is a graphic designer, illustrator and game designer. Along with fiance and longtime business partner Nicole … Read More

Common Man Cocktails gets alchemical with Nerdarchy

If you’re looking for fantasy, science fiction or pop culture-inspired cocktails for your next party or gaming session, your quest is complete. Derrick Schommer from Common Man Cocktails joined Nerdarchist Dave for live chat #42 to discuss recipes and a … Read More

‘Dice, Camera, Action’ never waffles on D&D fun

How can your game go wrong when the lead story designer for the team behind creating Dungeons & Dragons runs the campaign? In “Dice, Camera, Action,” Wizards of the Coast’s Chris Perkins leads a core party of adventurers along with … Read More

The TitansGrave role-playing game show is a top-notch production

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Returning readers might make me eat crow for the RPG encounter planned for this session. D&D is hiding in shadows and moving silently this week while the Fantasy Adventure Game Engine sets the stage for Geek & Sundry’s TitansGrave: The … Read More

The C Team innovates live streaming roleplaying games

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As promised last week, I’ll be taking a closer look at the myriad online roleplaying game programs that I enjoy to offer some reviews and analysis as well as any tips or pitfalls therein. The criteria for me as a gamer, fan, … Read More

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