Marvelous Phile: Marvel Super Heroes RPG Live Game Play Chat is Good Karma

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Hey, guys, Professor Bill here and it’s time to start off the Marvel Super Heroes Roleplaying Game the right way by revamping the old Marvel Philes that used to run out of Dragon Magazine. We’re going to call this the … Read More


RollPlay Roundtable Digs Deep into D&D with Matt Mercer, Adam Koebel, Mike Mearls and Matt Colville

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In case you missed it, a very thought-provoking event took place on Oct. 9, 2017 for anyone in the Dungeons & Dragons or tabletop roleplaying game community. Hosted on the itmeJP YouTube channel. Adam Koebel moderated a roundtable discussion including … Read More

Matt Mercer & Friends Prove Every Roll Matters in Gen Con GM Improv Showdown

Gen Con 50 was a records-shattering celebration of gaming culture with countless seminars, panels, events and of course games! Nerdarchy made the pilgrimage to Indianapolis, where Nerdarchist Dave and Web editor Doug met fans and colleagues, met awesome industry influencers … Read More

Matt Mercer of Critical Role talks Tal’Dorei with Dungeon Life

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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2eXwQ8oWcZ0 Dungeon Life’s Todd Kenreck was one busy journalist at Wizards of the Coast’s Stream of Annihilation June 2-3, 2017. On his Twitter feed, Kenreck shared that he was able to score 29 interviews with various D&D dignitaries, including the inimitable Matthew … Read More

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