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Character Stories

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Secrets From The Dungeon: Roll Playing The Ego With Dungeons & Dragons

My last week’s article covered a brief character creation ideal, which was to create your Dungeons & Dragons character based entirely off your own ego. I think for most people, most characters are made this way, or at least partly. You might add features or traits that you have, eg. your character suffers from an untamed shaking in one hand that won’t stop due to real life PTSD that you struggle with. Or perhaps your character wears a certain handkerchief in one pocket as a symbol of a past event that changed him, and he wears it to remember. While these small details are mostly forgotten along the character creation path, to really explore those details can add a lot of fun and/or humor to your game play style. 

DMing a Killer Romance Arc in D&D

Bringing romance to D&D

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and with all this pink and red plastered everywhere, and all of these teddy bears crowding the shelves at every store, it’s no wonder I’ve got romance on the brain. It’s enough to make a person want to barf. But in honor of the holiday, I’m going to take a moment to talk about romance subplots at the gaming table.

Tales from the Silver Gryff Inn (Spire Strikers) \ Part 4

NPCSanforth felt the white, runed stone in the leather pouch at his belt. It had been two weeks since Ferrion Gatebreaker, leader of the adventuring band the Spire Strikers had given it to him – since she had left the Silver Gryff Inn. Those two weeks had been busy. Adventuring band Sovereign Rain had (with Gryff’s consent) used the fields near the Silver Gryff Inn to broker a trade for a magical spear they had procured in Faerun.

Three wizards and one monk, each from a different plane, had brought chests of coins and collections of magic items to bargain for the spear. Sovereign Rain had even brought in a special negotiator from Aebrynis to help manage the trade. The whole affair had proved to be quite profitable for the Silver Gryff Inn, which had done much trade in mutton and ale and all rooms had been full for days before and after the trade. Sanforth thought about Ferrion, her ambition to create her own unique spells, about the extemporaneous meal time they had shared in the stable. He also considered her request, to throw the white runed stone into the river if he saw the two brother adventurers who carried matching black swords, each bearing a glowing white gem in its center.

Tales from the Silver Gryff Inn (Spire Strikers) \ Part 3

dungeons and dragonsThe Background Story for J. Scott Garibay’s Dungeons and Dragons Fifth Edition Player Character, Sanforth Grunswain

If you have been following the Tales from the Silver Gryff Inn, welcome! If you are new to the Tales from the Silver Gryff Inn, you can start at the beginning here at Part One.

Sanforth shook his head as he watched Ferrion Gatebreaker stomp toward the Inn. Glad to see the back of her, he was now free to get to the tasks of his role, the work of a stablehand.

Tales from the Silver Gryff Inn (Spire Strikers) \ Part 2

dungeons and dragonsThe Background Story for J. Scott Garibay’s Dungeons and Dragons Fifth Edition Player Character, Sanforth Grunswain.  You can check out part one here.

Sanforth judged there were six riders coming in from the forest, heading toward the stables. He turned and jogged to the center of the third floor. The lift had Feather Fallen back to the first floor. Without hesitation, Sanforth leapt into the open center of the third floor, falling 15 feet before catching a smooth wooden beam with both hands. His momentum slowed and he swung from the beam at the edge of the second floor circular opening and somersaulted backwards onto a bale of hay on the first floor.

Dungeons and Dragons Character Stories

Scritching the ear of a dark mare in passing, Sanforth headed toward the entrance\exit of the stables.

Tales from the Silver Gryff Inn (Spire Strikers) \ Part 1

dungeons and dragonsThe Background Story for J. Scott Garibay’s Dungeons and Dragons Fifth Edition Player Character, Sanforth Grunswain.  Last week I completed the write up for Oljatts armor.  You can read about it here.

Sanforth lowered the wooden bucket into the dark well. His eyes swept across the thick grass, a waist-high well-built stone wall and then the Silver Gryff Inn.

  • PC \ Sanforth Grunswain – Human (Male) Fighter (Folk Hero) \ 3 years of service at the Silver Gryff Inn
  • Location \ Silver Gryff Inn – A large Inn 20 miles east of Oljatt City

Dungeons and Dragons Character Story

Sanforth took note of warm lights beaming through each window. He could hear the quick notes of a lyre. Lyles the Red was in for a full week and already the Inn was starting to fill. Sanforth was relieved to hear no sounds of confrontation. Gryff expected Sanforth to help Quick Zern and Little Migwa if there was a brawl in the Inn. Sanforth was excused if magic was involved, but even with that caveat he had helped in more than one situation involving a drunk wizard.

magic item

Oljatt Century Armor – A Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition Artifact Magic Item Collection

magic itemHello Nerdarchist Ted here and I am going to present a new article series written by guest DM on our channel and frequent guest on our video Scott Garibay.  Scott proposed to make this armor in one of my most recent sessions and while the idea was not fitting for our low magic world of ‘Chimes of Discordia’ it was a great concept that Scott wanted to take further.  So without further ado.

The Oljatt Century Armor, an unprecedented collection of 100 artifact level magic items, were built over a 25 year period by the citizens of the city of Oljatt.

This is the first in a series of articles that will define the following for the Oljatt Century Armor –

witch hunter dungeons and dragons

Witch Hunter, The Movie, The Nerdarchy Game and the Backstory

Witch Hunter Fear not loyal Nerdarchist there will be no spoilers here- I haven’t even had a chance to see the movie yet!  Then what, pray tell is this article about you ask?  Tomorrow night at (or around) 10:30 EST, Halloween, Nerdarchist Dave’s running an eerie Dungeons and Dragons Witch Hunter game live on Google Hangout for myself, Nate the Nerdarch, as well as friend, and frequent guest poster, Art Wood.

Our characters were created using the Witch Hunter (click link to download PDF of the class!) custom character class written by Critical Role’s Matthew Mercer.  It’s a full 20 levels of a character class with three distinct orders to choose from, The Orders of the Ghostslayer, Profane Soul, and the Mutant.  The three of us will be playing each of the orders as 15th level characters.  Our intrepid Dungeon Master Dave has given us a 30 point stat buy and 6,000 gp to spend on starting equipment using the gold costs out of the Dungeon Master’s Guide for magic items.

Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition- Witch Hunter Class

Yours truly will be playing a dwarf following the Order of the Mutant.  Below is the backstory for Egrec Rune Hammer:

The Dam in West Rustoch – Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition

AarakocraHello today I present you a Dungeons and Dragons story.  This is written by Micheal Rovinski.

Ephram is an Aarakocra, commonly referred to as Bird-Folk, Bird People, or Avian Humanoids. At a young age, he joined a monastery to learn the way of martial arts, and once he learned enough he was sent on a pilgrimage. During his pilgrimage, Ephram seeks out those in need of help. It is a part of his martial philosophy, the Way of the Open Palm; a martial philosophy considered the key to maintaining harmony with nature, one’s surroundings, and the place that one has with the Celestial Bureaucracy.

Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition

Svirfneblin Bard – D&D Character build 5th edition – Outkast

character buildGreetings Nerdarchists.  Nerdarchy is looking to launch another game into our schedule.  If you missed our session zero feel free to watch the video below.  My character build for that Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition  game is a deep gnome bard.

Now bards in previous editions really did not appeal to me.  I think before 5th edition I had only played one bard in approximately 20 years of playing Dungeons and Dragons.  5th edition on the other hand really changed my mind.  I have played in less than 10 campaigns in the year since the release of Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition and 2 of those characters have been bards.  So what does that say about them?

Dungeons and Dragons character build

So with this character build for 5th edition, my goal was to make a well rounded character.  He has a few things that he would be good at, excel at really because of expertise but be a support character all around. As this race class combination is a sub-optimal character build it fits.

The Background and Character Stories of Lyles the Red — Half-Elven Bard

Hello fellow nerdarchists. I’m here with something a little different from the usual content — a character backstory for fifth edition Dungeons & Dragons without stats or mechanical crunch. Perhaps we’ll make a regular series of just character stories. We’ve done character builds in the past and will continue to put them out in the future, but I think it’ll be nice to focus on the story elements of a tabletop roleplaying game. In this case our character emerges from 5E D&D but since it is only narrative elements it’s easy to use this character for any game or setting.


Character Builds — Dragonborn Paladin in 5E D&D

Hello Nerdarchy reader, Nerdarchist Dave here to talk character builds. I got me a hankering to delve into a dragonborn paladin for fifth edition Dungeons & Dragons. Paladins are an iconic character class harkening back to the very beginning of the game. Dragonborn on the other hand are a bit newer, first appearing in 3.5 D&D towards the end in a different incarnation than the current version. They really came into their own with fourth edition D&D. To be honest it took me a little while to warm up to them as player character race. Honestly it was the 4E D&D art that killed them for me. Two words: dragon boobs! The idea of a mammalian trait slapped onto a reptilian race seemed ridiculous to me. But I’ve decided to grow as a person and get over it. Not too long ago I wrote an article about dragonborn that kind of made me want to play one hence this article where we build a dragonborn paladin.

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