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Game Master Tips

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Dungeons and Dragons – Where do you get your inspiration for campaigns

Hey friends, Nerdarchist Ted here. Running a campaign in fifth edition Dungeons and Dragons, Pathfinder or any other tabletop roleplaying game is hard and writing material for said campaign can be even harder. When doing so you have to predict possible actions your players will make and be prepared for the most obvious options but as as Dungeon Master where do you come up with the ideas?

The Willing Suspension of Disbelief is Used to Create an Immersive RPG

Even with the light from your torch the stairwell’s end cannot be seen. As you cautiously make your way down each step, the cracks and crevices on the sides of the wall quiver and writhe in time to the torch’s flickering flame. 

The Willing Suspension of Disbelief is Used to Create an Immersive RPG creepy stairwellUnseen cobwebs flutter against your eyes and face. There is a rushing sound like one unending breath that you hear too close to your ear. You see something move in the shadows just outside the torch’s glow. You hear a scratching, chattering cacopho-

*crackle, crackle*The Willing Suspension of Disbelief is Used to Create an Immersive RPG gamemastering and chesse puffs

*crackle, crackle*

” Hey pass over those Cheese Puffs”

Sigh… The dreaded words that quell the willing suspension of disbelief in an immersive RPG.

“Pass me the ______” ( food or beverage )

           As a DM, if that blank is not filled by the words “Holy Avenger” or some other fantasy item, it really deconstructs the built up tension.

Thus undermining the work that we, as DMs, put into setting the mood of  encounters.

While experienced players can still hack it when it comes to mood disruptions they still lessen the overall experience for everyone.

Why is that the case?

tabletop role-playing game

Game Master Tips|How To Start A Dungeons And Dragons Campaign Or Any RPG Game For That Matter

One of the toughest parts about being a GM in any RPG game is “How do you start the campaign?” You will have characters with different backgrounds, professions, motivations, and depending the the kind of game you are playing even different races or species.

For this game master tips article I’ll be referring to the Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition campaign I’m about to start running. The tips and advice I’m going to offer up will work in pretty much any setting or game, but I want to give a context in how these tips and tricks work and why I do certain things.

Nerdarchy Lays down some Game Master Tips in this video.

Game Master Tips- Crafting A Dungeon Crawl In Your Role-Playing Game

dungeon crawl

What is a role-playing game without a good dungeon crawl? Now if I’m giving game master tips to a newbie GM or DM I’d say when it comes to planning adventures less is more.

You don’t want to make your players feel like their always entering the “dungeon”. Sure every once and a while throw in the classic “YES” this is absolutely a dungeon crawl style adventure, but mix things up a bit.

What is dungeon-

For all intents and purposes when we are talking about a Dungeons and Dragons style game a dungeon is a confined space with defined boundaries limiting the choices your players have as to where they can go and has an objective for your players.

Statblock Tango: Creating Villains The Players Love To Hate

Greetings and Salutations Nerdarchy Readers. Today I found myself listening to a musical and the thought occurred to me that these girls are villains that you love to hate. The iconic, amazing, titular characters that are more known than the protagonist that wishes their downfall. So many game masters wish to create these villains, these beings of such charisma that they stay with the players years later. That goal, that level of entertainment achieved by the like’s of Tim Curry, Jeremy Irons, and Christopher Lee. That is the goal we wish to leave our players with, and I hope to arm you with the tools to do so by walking you through the creation of a villain I created so potently charismatic that he still gives the player who dealt with him most shivers at the sheer mention of his name.

Game Master Tips | Dealing With Unexpected Change


Greetings and salutations loyal Nerdarchy reader! This week I had a rather interesting surprise in that I was rear ended in a three car collision. This got the old bean cooking on what is an essential topic in gaming, namely the unexpected changes and deaths that can and will pop up with any extended campaign. Some players will hate the change, some will not care, others will down right revel in it. I have seen it all as a GM and as a player but the point of this article is to show what reactions to expect and how to deal with them.

Game Master Tips — Rewarding Player Choices In Your Roleplaying Game

Game Master Tips
Want your players to have a better game?  Then reward their choices from character creation onward.  Every role-playing game I’ve ever been involved in has benefited from the GM setting up a synergy between his game and the player’s choices.  This is one of the best game master tips I can give a Game Master (or GM for short) who’s just getting started, in fact I would say that these are the tips to making sure your players enjoy your game.  It’s real easy for the GM of a role-playing game to feel like it’s his game, but the truth is the game belongs to everyone at the table.

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