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Multi-Class Character Builds in Dungeons & Dragons 5e (The Barbarian)

Dungeons & DragonsHello fellow Nerdarchists, some of you might know me from the Nerdarchy YouTube channel, my name is Art Wood. I’ve been privileged enough to have been asked by the guys to write a few articles for you regarding multi-class character builds in Dungeons & Dragons 5e.

Now, I don’t claim to be an expert by any means, but I do know what’s worked for me as far as helping my friends build awesome characters and other players as well. I’m going to address this series by doing one article at a time focusing on each character class one by one as they appear in the Player’s Guide. I also want to point out I will not be focusing on character race or backgrounds, as I feel those are more for a “role-play” choice, however I do know that some races lend themselves to be a bit more potent with certain builds. Backgrounds however are mostly a player and role-play decision.

So, let’s get started with… The Barbarian

dungeons & dragons

Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition Optional Warforged Builds

warforgedMost people I have spoken with feel that the warforged presented in the Unearthed Arcana: Eberron is lacking.  So you can choose of of these options with your Dungeon masters approval of course.   I think  each of these grants a little extra flavor to the race and balances them  nicely in comparison to the other races  in the players handbook.  A big thank you to Art Wood for coming up with these for us.

Optional Warforged Types…

Mithral Body (Warforged Only): Your body is composed of Mithral plating and wood Making them light and agile. You gain +1 to your Dexterity.

Multi-Classing in Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition, Should I or Shouldn’t I?

multi-classingThe important thing to look  at is role playing has nothing to do with the mechanical character sheet that you use to track your progress through the game of Dungeons and Dragons.  5th Edition presents very good reasons for multi-classing but also makes  it simple enough to make happen.

The question you have to ask yourself when you are considering multi-classing  is it a character choice or a player choice.  Sometimes the lines get blurry when classes are similar.  Take your martial classes, fighter, paladin, barbarian, ranger or rogue.  With limited or no casting ability dipping into these is easy.  Fighter is the easiest of the lot as it just represents more martial training.

Multi-classing – to be or not be?

Guest Post – Class Options For Your Steampunk 5th Edition Game – The GM’s Table

SteampunkHey guys, it’s Bobby from The GM;s Table.  You can check out my blog here.  Or catch me on facebook over here.
One of the great additions to Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition is the addition of sub classes.They let you toys with new class options without having to completely reinvent the wheel. With that in mind here are a couple option for the Bard, Fighter, and Rogue for you more steampunk or Eberron style magic and science setting.

Steampunk Class options for 5th Edition

Note: With the steampunk concept it is assumed that you would be using the firearms rules from the DMG.

Svirfneblin Bard – D&D Character build 5th edition – Outkast

character buildGreetings Nerdarchists.  Nerdarchy is looking to launch another game into our schedule.  If you missed our session zero feel free to watch the video below.  My character build for that Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition  game is a deep gnome bard.

Now bards in previous editions really did not appeal to me.  I think before 5th edition I had only played one bard in approximately 20 years of playing Dungeons and Dragons.  5th edition on the other hand really changed my mind.  I have played in less than 10 campaigns in the year since the release of Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition and 2 of those characters have been bards.  So what does that say about them?

Dungeons and Dragons character build

So with this character build for 5th edition, my goal was to make a well rounded character.  He has a few things that he would be good at, excel at really because of expertise but be a support character all around. As this race class combination is a sub-optimal character build it fits.

5th edition

D&Dized – Avengers – What Would the Avengers Look Like in 5th Edition

5th editionHello and Welcome to Nerdarchy.  I am Nerdarchist Ted and today I am going to give you the ability to play your favorite Avengers in your game of Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition.

We started a new series where we take a popular fictional character and see what we think his levels would need to be in order to play and feel like the character you see in the comics and movies.

For this series we are fully going to the Epic levels which we have no rules for beyond boons.  So we wan to give them the class features of Dungeons and Dragons we see used on a regular basis.

D&Dized Thor in 5th edition

Dungeons and Dragons

Scout tracker- A Character Build For Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition

Dungeons and DragonsNerdarchist Ted here and I am going to share a cool character build for a character I have recently made for a Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition game. I was asked to play in a game online and it was restricted to humans and no wizards, warlocks, or sorcerers were going to be allowed.

Magic was divine in this world. It was full of wilderness so I though maybe having a woodsman around would be a good thing.  Now in D&D anytime Human is mentioned I am always thinking what feat is going to best serve this character.

Character Build for Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition- The Archer or Crossbow man in This Case

Hello and welcome Nerdarchist Dave here. Today we are doing a character build for an archer character using the seven steps I had laid out previously.  Those seven steps are- race, class, background, ability scores, weapon, archetype, and feats.

1st Level Character Build-

Dungeons and DragonsWe start with human because this build is going to be dependent on feats. I’ve got my eye on three at the moment.

Next we select our class. This is going to be fighter for the fighting style at 1st level. Then we are going to want pick our background. Here we will have a lot more leave way.

In my opinion we do want a background that is going to support our archer character build thematically at least.

Sorcerer Warlock — A Character Build For Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition

I am going to share a cool character build for a character I have played recently in a fifth edition Dungeons & Dragons game. I was entering a game that had been going on for a while so I was told to make an 11th level character. When doing a character build all the pieces of the puzzle are important. In my past I have played a lot of strong melee characters but the new edition of D&D offers so many cool powers I wanted to play a spellcaster. I’m Not saying there is not a draw to do a character build for a melee character — there is — but I felt a diversion is necessary. So with this spellcaster, as with any character build, you need all the pieces: race, background and class. I typically like to have these decided for the most part before I focus on stats, but at least race and class before I do stats always. This makes sure I can place my stats as effectively as I can, even if it is not an optimized race and class combination. For this one I certainly veered off the beaten path. I made a multiclass warforged sorcerer/warlock. Getting a bonus to Strength and Constitution does not make for a Charisma focused character, so if you want to use the concept and change the race to a tielfling, half-elf or aasimar I am not going to be able to stop you. On the other hand I like to try interesting character builds based on what I think would make a cool concept rather than focusing entirely on mechanics. So let’s get in my head on these choices. With the Eberron PDF recently released by WotC people are jumping at the chance to try out the new material. I am not immune to this hype or craze so I jumped in head first.

D&D archer build

The Archer — A Character Build For Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition

So you’ve come to talk about archer character builds for Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition? Well you’ve come to the right place.

Nerdarchist Dave’s three character building rules to game by:

Character Builds rule #1 FUN

In my opinion a successful character build is fun to play.

Character Builds rule #2 Effective

The build must excel at what it was created for.

Character Build Rule #3 Multidimensional

I want to build a character I could see myself or someone else role-playing in an actual game and have potential to be more than just stats on a piece of paper.

arcane gastonomy

Selling Your Soul — 5th Edition Dungeons & Dragons Warlock Build

Hello readers and Nerdarchists. Today I want to walk you through a D&D warlock build for fifth edition Dungeons & Dragons. As I do more of these character builds I want to focus on a combination of fluff and crunch. These builds won’t always be the most optimized, but what I consider fun and/or interesting to play. That being said it doesn’t mean I am completely looking to forgo mechanics. I still want a character build that can be effective during play. I was invited to play in two different games on the same day for two different campaigns at two different levels — 5th and 8th. So my initial idea was to build one character at those two levels.


Character Builds — Dragonborn Paladin in 5E D&D

Hello Nerdarchy reader, Nerdarchist Dave here to talk character builds. I got me a hankering to delve into a dragonborn paladin for fifth edition Dungeons & Dragons. Paladins are an iconic character class harkening back to the very beginning of the game. Dragonborn on the other hand are a bit newer, first appearing in 3.5 D&D towards the end in a different incarnation than the current version. They really came into their own with fourth edition D&D. To be honest it took me a little while to warm up to them as player character race. Honestly it was the 4E D&D art that killed them for me. Two words: dragon boobs! The idea of a mammalian trait slapped onto a reptilian race seemed ridiculous to me. But I’ve decided to grow as a person and get over it. Not too long ago I wrote an article about dragonborn that kind of made me want to play one hence this article where we build a dragonborn paladin.

Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition Character Build – Human Tempest Cleric 1st and 7th level

I started this character Teslanon Stormchaser for a fifth edition Dungeons & Dragons meat grinder in Planescape run by SR2Joker for the November Brigadecon. My fellow Nerdarchist Ted has gone through clerics in general and has also discussed a different human cleric character build with the Knowledge Domain. I thought the Domain selection added such versatility to clerics that I went with the Tempest domain since I wanted to have some control over my enemies. What started out as a simple cleric concept for getting me through all of the terrors thrown in my way ended up as a really fleshed out cleric character build with personality and depth. I sat there scratching my head. How in the Middle Earth did this happen?

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