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Character Builds

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Blade Dancer – Dexterity Based Barbarian with Gas in the D&D Tank

The gentlemen at Nerdarchy have been pouring over books and crunching the numbers in their effort to find the most effective fifth edition Dungeons & Dragons tank build. Myself, while I appreciate numbers and that search for the best, I’m not really a build kinda guy. I’m a team player though, so I’m going to put forward my hopefully unique dexterity based barbarian character concept that can be used in the spirit of the tank, while still bringing all manner of interesting flair to the combat scene.

D&D spy character shadow monk warlock

Lurking in the Shadows with a D&D spy character

Hello! Nerditor Doug here to introduce a new voice to the Nerdarchy community here on the website. Tyler is a longtime fan of the Nerdarchy YouTube channel who got in touch with us to ask about contributing to the website as part of a high school program he’s a part of. As always we are happy to work with writers in the Nerdarchy community and share their work here. Tyler is sneaking onto the scene with a D&D spy character concept. In keeping with the theme I snuck in a video from the Nerdarchy archives with Nerdarchists Dave and Ted and Nate the Nerdarch taking a crack at their own version of a D&D spy character.

D&D languages D&D linguist comprehend languages

Completely Comprehend Languages for D&D Linguist Experts

It goes without saying, if you are going to have a channel called Nerdarchy part of that is going to be okay with being called a nerd. My longstanding character Rellion of fifth edition Dungeons & Dragons is kind of a nerd. His expertise, which he has three of, are History, Arcana and Investigation. Apart from being a book nerd he is also a D&D linguist. Sadly it never seems to work out for him as the Dungeon Master always is one step ahead of me. But looking into the languages for D&D it is really hard to get them all.

D&D Character Delve – Great Old One Triton Warlock for RPG Crate Adventures on the Open Road

It is time for another fifth edition Dungeons & Dragons character build. This time we will look at P’Saden, the Great Old One triton warlock character I played in the RPG Crate sponsored game, Adventures on the Open Road: Anchor Head Cave. As we were playing a seafaring adventure I wanted to use a triton. Ever since they came out in Volo’s Guide To Monsters I wanted an excuse to use these not-quite-mermaid people. I had no particular interest in the mechanics of the race, just the concept. I can honestly say I have never played a character like this before. Not that I haven’t played a wily swashbuckler, but not one with the superiority complex inherent in triton. It was kind of like playing an elf rogue. I had to figure out how he got from uptight xenophobe to smarmy spell slinger.

D&D Character Builds

D&D Character Builds Gets Creepy with the Lizard Wizard

We do several different types of D&D character builds here at Nerdarchy. There is a series we call D&Dize. In those videos we take fictional characters from movies, TV shows, novels, video games, and comic books and stat them up using fifth edition Dungeons & Dragons. Then there is just our normal or regular D&D Character Builds. These builds are based off of standard tropes in D&D. Each of these 5E D&D character builds are optimized to really good at a specific part of the game and fit into typical D&D tropes.

D&D Character Delve – Goliath Oath of the Ancients Paladin for RPG Crate Adventures on the Open Road

It is time for another fifth edition Dungeons & Dragons character build. This time we will look at Maala, the Oath of the Ancients goliath paladin character I played in episode four of out RPG Crate sponsored game, Adventures on the Open Road: A Knight’s Tomb. Maala is a D&D character built on one major concept, the bearded woman. As a fan of American Horror Story I wanted to play a character like Ethel Darling (Kathy Bates). All decisions from that point on centered around what it meant to be a woman who is outside her culture, in a world where she does not fit the prescribed ideal of femininity.

D&D Martial Artist Fighter Subclass Bare-Knuckle Brawls its Way from Our Community to You

Hello! Nerditor Doug here to introduce this special post based on content straight from the Nerdarchy community, from creator Chris Chupp who sent us his homebrew creation for fifth edition Dungeons & Dragons – the Martial Artist fighter martial archetype. Chris put this subclass together specially for one of the players in his D&D game who loves the flavor of unarmed combat monks provide and wants to punch some dragons but isn’t too keen on the ki system.

Chris shared his work with Nerdarchy to show appreciation for what he’s learned and taken from our videos and website to his own gaming table, and wanted to give back to the community.


D&D More Sorcerer Options and Builds for a Magical Day

Hello fellow nerds, nerdettes, and gamers. This is Kenneth Woody coming at you with another sorcerer guide for fifth edition Dungeons & Dragons. In this guide, we’re going to be taking a look at the possibility of a D&D melee sorcerer build and the pros and cons associated with it. So, grab yourself a drink, and let’s get down to business shall we.

power gaming

Build vs. Create a D&D Character: What’s the Difference?

Hey guys, this is Kenneth Woody coming at you with another helpful bit of insight. Today I’d like to talk with you all about fifth edition Dungeons & Dragons as well as two concepts a lot of D&D players blur together. What are these concepts you may ask? Glad you asked, today we’re going to be talking about what it means to build a character versus creating a character. So, without further ado, let’s get into it eh?

Welcome to the Dark Side of D&D with the Warlock Class

Hello everyone, and welcome to the darker side of fifth edition Dungeons &Dragons. Today we’re going to be going over the warlock class, through some of the best builds, invocations, and overall playstyles for this class. One of the more interesting things about the warlock is not only how its spell slots work – you always cast at your highest level available via Pact Magic – but what is arguably more interesting than that is the Eldritch Invocations feature that you get at 2nd level.

D&D Character Delve: Aarakocra Grave Domain Cleric for Adventures on the Open Road

Once a month, Nerdarchist Ted runs an RPG Crate-sponsored game of fifth edition Dungeons & Dragons on the Nerdarchy YouTube channel. In one of these sessions, Adventures on the Open Road: From the Sky, I played as Kek, a 5th-level aarakocra Grave Domain cleric. The next Adventures from the Open Road D&D session is set for Jan. 26, 2018, so be sure to follow subscribe, follow Nerdarchy on social media or visit us on our Discord so you don’t miss it. You can always sign up for our newsletter too, and find out how you can game with Nerdarchy.

But for now, let’s delve into this D&D character.

D&D sorcerer

D&D Sorcerer Multiclass Options and Builds to Make a Magical Day

The fifth edition Dungeons & Dragons sorcerer – is it a class worth multiclassing in or out of? Let’s find out.

First off let’s split this guide into three parts. The first of which being, taking the sorcerer all the way through to 20th level. The second takes the class from 14th to 18th level. And finally, the third option takes the class to 10th level (this is the minimum level to where you get eleven spells, as well as your third Metamagic option).

How D&D Beyond Revealed the Elegance of a Classic D&D Fighter

It’s no secret how big a fan I am of D&D Beyond, the digital toolset from Curse. All the fifth edition Dungeons & Dragons content from Wizards of the Coast is in one place with amazing connectivity. One of the most exciting facets of DDB is the Campaign feature. Dungeon Masters can organize players and adventuring material together in one place. There’s some really cool stuff DMs can do with the Campaign tools already, but I’ll get more into the DM side of things in a later installment, using a certain Space Pirate-fighting bounty hunter’s adventures as an example. For now, I want to talk about being a player in a DDB campaign.

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