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Wizards of the Coast Launches Educational Initiative with Teaching Materials, Afterschool Club Kits

Dragons of Stormwreck Isle, a new D&D starter set releasing Oct. 4, provides a fresh pathway for players to begin their journey with the World’s Greatest Roleplaying Game. Wizards of the Coast marks the occasion with another enterprise aimed at bringing even more people into the community of more than 50 million fans. With this new initiative WotC will provide Dungeons & Dragons-themed classroom materials for teachers across the country to add to their curriculum. These educator resources provide a platform to use D&D for social activities and educational learning.

Wendy’s Deserved Better! A Retrospective Look at Feast of Legends RPG

Does anyone else remember that time Critical Role did a special episode sponsored by Wendy’s – yes… THAT Wendy’s? How about this one: do you remember Feast of Legends – the TTRPG made by THAT Wendy’s? For whatever reason, a lot of people in their audience got really up in arms over Critical Role’s stream of this obscure RPG, to the point that the voice actors ended up taking down the video altogether the following day in 2019.

D&D Ideas — Keys

Welcome once again to the weekly newsletter. This week’s topic is keys, which we discussed in our weekly live chat. We hangout every Monday evening at 8 p.m. EST at Nerdarchy the YouTube channel talk about D&D, RPGs, gaming, life and whatever nerdy stuff comes up. Speaking of keys our module Trip to the Planar Zoo includes a very special set of Keys of Danger, each one a magical wand and together capable of opening the gates to a blissful oasis — if the adventurers can survive the Humanoid Exhibit! You can get Nerdarchy the Newsletter delivered to your inbox each week, along with updates and info on how to game with Nerdarchy plus snag a FREE GIFT by signing up here.

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Going Wild to Create the Free Zoo Mafia RPG Quick Start

Zoo Mafia RPG began a while ago with a simple misheard comment and now here we are releasing a free Quick Start packet of the game out into the world. It’s a wild new direction for Nerdarchy and we are more excited than ever before about what lies ahead. We’ve shared video design diaries of the development process and live streamed our first playtest and I thought it might be fun to give some looks behind the curtain of the Zoo Mafia RPG Quick Start version now available for folks to Go Wild, Do Crime and Don’t Let the Humans Catch You around their own gaming tables. I’ve also got a bit of future development plans to share, so let’s get into it.

Can 5e Races Be as Interesting as Classes? In Rule of Chaos, the Answer is Yes!

By guest poster Brave Alice Studios

For most 5e players, the race of their character is an important question in character creation. You have some set characteristics and gain some feats. And after that, your race normally stays the same from 1st level all the way up to level 20. All further customizations of your character are done on class level.

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Creating a PbtA Playbook — Thug for Zoo Mafia RPG

Welcome to the Family! But first, have you downloaded the Zoo Mafia RPG Quick Start Rules? You can sign up for the Zoo Mafia RPG Newsletter here and get them for free. It’s time to build a new Playbook: Thug. (Or maybe it’ll be called Muscle.) Before going any further let me give the elevator pitch for Zoo Mafia RPG. It’s tabletop roleplaying game heavily influenced by the Powered by the Apocalypse, specifically Monster of the Week. Our design also took inspiration from Green Ronin Publishing’s AGE System. Zoo Mafia is all about being a zoo animal who is also criminal trying to get into an organized crime family.