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Tiki Tiki Board Games

May Dungeon Crate, Tiki Tiki Board Games, and The Weekly Wrap

Tiki Tiki Board Games

Hello and well met traveler of the internet Nerdarchist Dave here with another Weekly Wrap. As usual we had a week full of articles here on the website, memes on Facebook, pics on Instagram, and of course videos on YouTube. Essentially it was another week of our regularly scheduled nerdiness.

Last week we announced our monthly game with the fans- Here

The NAG, Our May Game, and Where is Nate in this Weekly Wrap 5-1-2016

Hello and well met traveler of the internet. Once again Dave here with another edition of our weekly wrap. We’ve got a couple of announcements to go along with what we did last week.

We are extremely happy to announce Mike Gould has joined us and contributing weekly a D&D series here on the website. Mike Gould has been a long time viewer over on the YouTube Channel. He’s notorious for his very long, in depth, and insightful comments on Nerdarchy videos. The series which debuted this week will help Game Masters plop encounters right into their game. The series is called “Out of the Box D&D Encounters”.

First off this is time sensitive the Easy Roller kickStarter is wrapping up in a day and half. It’s funded and they have reached all of their stretch goals. Vid and link below

Gunmetal Polyhedral RPG Dice In Complete Sets

shadow run

Cyber Punk with Shadow Run, Steam Punk, and Dungeons & Dragons Another Weekly Wrap 4-24-2016

shadow runHello and well met traveler of the internet, Nerdarchist Dave here with another weekly wrap. I’m excited to announce that we’ve conducted our first social contract this past weekend. Of course we recorded it. We also did our session zero for that game.

Scott Garibay will be the GM using the Cypher System to run a Shadow Run campaign. You can start looking for those videos this week.

Both sessions the social contract and session zero went well. They were Scott’s first foray into either. He came super prepared for the session zero which made for a great intro into Shadow Run and the campaign Scott plans on running. Most likely I’ll split the session zero into several videos since the whole video is over two hours in length.

Here is one of our 1st vids on this upcoming game-

Shadow Run Cypher System Smash-UP

Easy Roller Dice Company KickStarter Shout Out and Weekly Wrap 4-17-2016

Hello and well met traveler of the Internet,

Nerdarchist Dave here with another Weekly Wrap. First off I wanna give a quick shout out to our secret Facebook group The Company of the N.A.G. They held their first game in there, awesome! I hope to see more games going on in the N.A.G. Not only that, but great conversations about RPGs specifically 5th edition Dungeons and Dragons are happening daily.

We’ve got the game with fans coming up tonight 4-24-2016 @ 7PM Eastern Time.

Croak Hollow 5E D&D Play Through Live


April Dungeon Crate Unboxing and Weekly Wrap 4-10-2016

RPGsWelcome and well met internet traveler,

Nerdarchist Dave here with another week in Nerdarchy. As always hoping you got your game on this week. Nothing like spending time with friends and family playing make believe whilst rolling funny shaped dice. This weekend was our 5th Edition Dungeons & Dragons game run by me. The game play should go up on YouTube next weekend.

Speaking of next weekend that is when you can expect to check out Nerdarchist Ryan’s live game play with the fans Sunday 7 PM eastern time 4-24-2016.

The following weekend we’ll be recording our session zero and a social contract for Scott’s Shadow Run game that will be powered by the Cypher System.

It’s that time of month when we get our monthly box of Dungeon Crate by we I mean Ted. So in our weekly wrap vid we unboxed this April’s Dungeon Crate.

Nerdarchy the Adventurer’s Guild, The N.A.G, and Our Weekly Wrap 4-3-2016

Well met traveler of the internet,

adventurers guild

Nerdarchist Dave here with another weekly wrap blog post. This past week we’ve finally launch The Company of the N.A.G. It’s an idea we came up awhile ago.

Since December we’ve been running monthly games with the fans. The Krinch that Stole Father’s Winters Day, Night Terrors, Maze of Mandoon, Enter the Crawl Wood, and we’ve got our next game coming the end of this month April 24th.

South Jersey Geek Fest Discussion, Gaming Announcement, and Weekly Wrap 3-27-2016

RPGsHello and well met travelers of the internet,

Nerdarchist Dave here with another week of Nerdarchy and we are kicking it off with a fan pic. What’s not to love about cats and RPGs? Be warned send us your pics and we might just share them with the rest of the community. To be fair this one was shared publicly on Facebook so that makes this one open season for sure.

March Dungeon Crate Opening, Gaming with Nerdarchy Details, and Weekly Wrap-Up 3-13-2016

Hello and well met travelers of the internet.

Nerdarchist Dave here with another weekly wrap-up post. We’ve got two gaming sessions in the can from this weekend and our Star Wars gaming session is planned for next weekend. This means we should be putting up three weekends worth gaming up back to back for you fine nerds.

This upcoming Thursday the 24th of March Nerdarchist Ted will be running his adventure for the fans. You’ll be able to check that out later in the week.

This will also be our fourth 5th Edition Dungeons and Dragons game with the fans. There will be more fan games coming up one every month.

This week in our weekly wrap up video we did an unboxing of the March Dungeon Crate.

Game Master Tips

Dungeons and Dragons Player and Game Master Tips Plus Our Weekly Wrap Up 3-06-2016

Dungeons and Dragons Player

Sweet swag from our friend DMGInfo!

Hello and Well Met traveler of the internet,

Nerdarchist Dave here with another weekly wrap up. During our wrap up video we unboxed a little care package from down under. Our good buddy Gareth from the YouTube Channel DMGInfo. A couple DVDs plus his cool fantasy adventure Under the Tavern. The pic above shows our cool haul. Which you can pick up all of over on his website- Here

Barnes and Noble bookstores to offer gaming nights

lex store

This Barnes and Noble bookstore in Lexington, KY, will be one of 57 to host gaming nights this month.

Each Thursday this month 57 Barnes and Noble bookstores throughout the U.S. will be hosting game nights from 7 p.m. until the individual store’s closing hours, according to Publisher Services Inc., a distributor of toys, games, collectibles and other items.

A different game will be played each of the five Thursdays. In order of play schedule, the games are King of Tokyo, Sheriff of Nottingham, Splendor, Codenames, and Lanterns: the Harvest Festival. Players who attend will also receive a variety of free items, from cards to tiles, a play mat, perhaps more.

So, this isn’t an open gaming night in which you can just show up with your regular D&D crowd and start rolling dice, or with your Magic the Gathering buds. Still, if these game nights prove popular, perhaps in the future Barnes and Noble will allow for other types of gaming. In fact, Barnes and Noble already is looking to expand its game nights beyond just the 57 stores, perhaps to all its bookstores.

GM 911s, Star Wars RPG, and A Whole Lot of D&D- 2-21-2016 Nerdy News and Weekly Digest

Hello and Well Met travelers of the Interwebs,

Nerdarchist Dave here with another look back at our week of nerdy content. As always we’ve conveniently gathered up all of our nerdy goings on into one spot for you.

This week we’ve got a pretty varied offering with Star Wars RPG vids and articles, info on learning to sword fight online, and a plethora of Dungeons and Dragons topics as usual. We also have a bit of nerdy news to cover as well.

This Week’s RPG Edition of the Nerdy News and Weekly Digest (2-14-2016)

Hello and well met fellow RPG Nerds,

Nerdarchist Dave here with another edition of our Nerdy News and weekly digest. Hope folks got their game on this weekend. Unfortunately Nerdarchy did not. Ted was away at the Wicked Fair convention where his wife was performing. She is a member of a belly dance troupe.

We had been running 4 games a month- Ted’s Gryphongaff 5e game, my 5e Gryphongaff game, my 5th Edition Dungeons and Dragons Underdark game online, and of course Scott Garibay’s Star Wars RPG.

Nerdy Art Packed Edition of the Nerdy News 2-7-2016 Nerdy News and Weekly Digest Blog, YouTube, and Other Nerdy Goings Ons

Hello and well met internet traveler,

Nerdarchist Dave here with another weekly edition of the nerdy news.

Hope you got your game on this weekend. Didn’t get to play this week end, I did get to run my Gryphongaff campaign for the gang. I got to introduce some new NPCs to the worlds as well as new race for the players to interact with.

This go around we’ve got few sweet pieces of nerdy art from fans and friends alike. You can enjoy them down below. I think it went pretty well.

Proceed for Nerdy Art

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