Mists of Ravenloft Engulf D&D Online

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Mark your calendar for Dec. 5, 2017 and stock up on garlic and wooden stakes – Dungeons & Dragons Online delves into darkness with the Mists of Ravenloft expansion release! Featuring 12 new quests, a new raid, new wilderness area, two new public areas, a brand new saga and more, Mists of Ravenloft has been a long-rumored addition to DDO players will finally be able to enjoy…if they dare.

Count Strahd von Zarovich casts his shadow over the lands of Barovia from Castle Ravenloft. Are you brave enough to face him?

DDO RavenloftUnder the stewardship of Standing Stone Games, the independent game studio formed by the same folks from Turbine who worked on DDO and Lord of the Rings Online for years, DDO continues to innovate and provide a top quality MMO gaming experience in the D&D universe. Characters run, jump, climb, sneak and tumble while adventuring in the game’s huge library of quests set in Eberron, Forgotten Realms and Greyhawk.

The new Mists of Ravenloft expansion marks the first big expansion for DDO through Standing Stone Games, but the studio consistently continues to create updates for the free-to-play D&D MMO still going strong after 11+ years. In the DDO timeline, Mists of Ravenloft is Update 37.

Along with all the new content detailed below, in honor of Halloween the Night Revels event is also taking place. This special event takes place in Delera’s Graveyard, an area in the House Jorasco zone of Stormreach, a city from the Eberron setting located on the continent of Xen’drik. In the Night Revels, players can fight ghouls, ghosts and other undead in the normally safe public area. Defeating these undead earns characters special event items like Darkest Chocolate and Night Revels Keys. The latter are used to enter special Halloween-reflavored quests like Hayweird Foundry and The Snitch and the Lich. Completing these quests earns ingredients used to make unique new items like Reaper’s Platemail, Cloak of Night and Crystallized Eternity.

The Scarecrow is a new permanent Gold Seal hireling for DDO that comes with both 10th level and 30th level versions.

Both Nerdarchist Nubz and I have played and written about DDO, and we’re super excited to fire up the game and get swallowed by the Mists. For me, it’s a chance to start fresh on a new server, away from my home on Sarlona. Nate the Nerdarch and I are heading to Khyber to join Nubz and explore the new expansion.

When it releases on Dec. 5, we’ll be live streaming our game play on the Nerdarchy Twitch channel. Nerdarchy will be streaming additional DDO game play leading up to the release, so keep an eye here on the website and our social media for further announcements on when we’ll be sharing those.

Like a lot of DDO content, Mists of Ravenloft will support game play at both heroic and epic levels of play. In this case, content will be available at level 10 and 30+ which would dovetail perfectly with a rumored new tier of DDO veteran status allowing characters to begin at 10th level. Level 10 veteran status is currently unverified, but it would make sense allowing new or returning players to dive right into the new content.

Mists of Ravenloft brings new stuff to DDO

Before the quests and new areas to explore are releases, DDO players can take advantage of several preorder bundles to add some Barovian flair to characters right now. Details on the Ultimate Fan Bundle, Collector’s Edition and Standard Edition are on the DDO website here and available for purchase. Unlockable content to use prior to the Dec. 5 release includes…

  • Aasimar race
  • Aasmiar: scourge of the undead iconic race
  • Vistani knife fighter universal enhancement tree
  • Permanent gold seal hireling: scarecrow (level 10 and 30 varieties)
  • New cosmetics: Barovian noble and vampire hunter outfits, raven and cat pets, and Mist weapon aura
DDO Ravenloft
The Barovian Noble is one of two new cosmetic sets features in the Mists of Ravenloft expansion for DDO.

On top of all the new quests, raids, wilderness areas and other goodies, DDO Update 37: Mists of Ravenloft will feature the debut of another new aspect long talked about: sentient weapons! Described on the DDO website these endgame-level items are customizable with unique personalities and voices.

For someone like me who started playing DDO during the beta release, I’m incredibly excited to revisit the game for this newest content. Although I don’t have as much time for online MMO gaming as I used to, it’s become a tradition to spend some time in Xen’drik and Eveningstar once or twice a year, now adding Barovia to the travel log.

In the meantime, to prepare for the release I’ve been playing my new character on the Khyber server, Barbogdu the gnome occult slayer barbarian. And of course I’m not neglecting my longtime characters on the Sarlona server, Schir Gold, Experimenta, Jumponin Watersfine, Bharda Free and ZZarak. If you spot any of these characters while you’re playing DDO say hello!

On top of this stable of characters, I have a serious case of alt-itis when it comes to MMOs so there’s a

The Vampire Hunter is one of two new cosmetic sets features in the Mists of Ravenloft expansion for DDO.

smattering of other characters coming and going. The iconic aasimar scourge of the undead is absolutely something I plan to explore more (I rolled one up and played for a few minutes and it looks amazing). With the aasimar’s cool metallic skin visual options, my eyes are already set on Schir Gold’s next reincarnation.

DDO is a terrific game, offering one of the very best D&D experiences of any video game. The DDO fans here at Nerdarchy really look forward to sharing our DDO game play with you and hope to see you online.

Have you played DDO? If you’re currently playing, what server are you on? Are you excited for Mists of Ravenloft? If you used to play but haven’t in a while, is the allure of Count Strahd von Zarovich calling you back? If you’re a really early DDO player do you remember the go-kart glitch?! Let me know all about your DDO experiences in the comments below and watch for further announcements about Nerdarchy’s live play DDO, and until next time – stay nerdy!

[EDITOR’S NOTE: Updated on Oct. 29, 2017. Per the Mists of Ravenloft FAQ “In the event of delay, you will receive the expansion content and items no later than January 5th, 2018.”]

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    The second raid will almost definitely happen now, as will Veteran III status.

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      Hey thank you for sharing the updated info! Much appreciated. This expansion looks incredible with or without that stuff.

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    “almost definitely” is just as much an unpromise as is the Dec 5th release date, which has Jan 5th as a fallback and which the article above failed to report.

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      Thank you for your comment! The schedule release date as far as their website and Community Manager Jerry Snook told me is Dec. 5.
      DDOCentral is an unofficial aggregate blog (but official fansite) as far as I know too, so I wouldn’t hold it against the moderators.

      I did just read on the FAQ: “In the event of delay, you will receive the expansion content and items no later than January 5th, 2018.” So that’s a thing.

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