Nubz Knows: Chapter 3 – Are you down with DDO?

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First off I would would like to thank you readers for your patience with me posting erratically as of late, which leads me to my second point. As of June 22nd, 2014… I got married.

Yep, Nubz knows a bit about love, but that can wait until a later date, after all I do have to have something to speak of come Feb. To all those who were there, thank you, and to any who wish to offer their congratulations/advice I would love to hear from you in the comments below.

Greetings and Salutations loyal Nerdarchy readers!

D&D Online.
D&D Online. (Photo credit: Hot Grill)

Now I have spoken of my favorite table top game, and my favorite role to play, but I have not touched on my favorite MMORPG to play.

This spot, without even a 5% chance of automatic failure, is occupied by Dungeons and Dragons Online: Eberron Unlimited. Why you may ask when there is newer, flashier, or at least better advertised games?

Well loyal Nerdarchy readers, I will tell you the features, and I can promise you will have your Nerd blood rolling to try it. Especially when I explain that the free to play fad that is sweeping the MMORPG genre originated with DDO. They started it, and they did it best.

Role with it!

The basic system at the core of the entire game is Dungeons and Dragons 3.5 edition, easily argued to be the most popular of the official editions. Add in the changes made to get the game to be a truly action oriented MMORPG and the game becomes something more akin to Pathfinder or a WELL done homebrew system that draws you in and keeps you feeling like your imagination at the game table for all this time is suddenly alive and at your fingertips.

That amazing halfling bard who would slap an enemy in the face, charm them, then stab them with a flourishing strike?

halfling warriors with armour
halfling warriors with armour (Photo credit: whirling_dervish)

Yeah, you can literally do that. The rogue with the bent for being the deadliest thing since arsenic? Yep, it has you covered.

Even the blended classes can be done, for example from playing yesterday, I was happily healing for a human monk/favored soul/paladin who was holding his own with an epic contender.



The game does not just feel like D&D, it bloody well makes it feel organic before you even get out of the low levels.

Roll with it!

Now if you are not a mechanics nerd, and I count myself among this lot, you will be happy to know that the game has a few things all Dungeons and Dragons players will swoon over. DDO had built invoice chat before any other major MMORPG and it works far better then I have seen any other MMORPG that tried to copy it.

So the game table feel is maintained, but what about the person behind the screen that pulls the strings? Well the game has a Dungeon Master built into every mission narrating every event. If this didn’t get your dice bag a bit hot to trot, the game has guest narrators done by none other then E. Gary Gygax, Dave Arneson, and Ed Greenwood! The game even has an in game tributes to these greats, and memorials for Gary and Dave.


For those familiar with the high flying, chocked full of intrigue world of Eberron, you will find it here in all it’s magitech glory. From House Kunderak guarding their giant bank vaults,  the zealots of the Silver Flame, to House Jorasco with their legendary healers.

Dragon marks, Gianthold, Xen’drik, air ships, and even going steel to steel with The Lord of Blades. You can spend all week and never run out of things in Eberron to explore or do.

Need something more… classic? How bout a trip to the Forgotten Realms to go toe to toe with Lolth alongside Elminster? Remember the halls of the Eveningstar? Well Ed Greenwood, Forgotten Realms creator and D&D legend, was personally involved to translate the classic adventure to the 3D realm, but not just to rehash the old days, oh no my friend! The Return to the Haunted Halls of The Eveningstar is exactly what it sounds like. You get to adventure in this familiar ground years and years after the original pen and paper campaign ended in this original work by Greenwood.

Critical Hit

Now the things I have seen that killed MMORPG after MMORPG need to be addressed here as well.

I will never say an MMORPG is flawless but this game does have the habit of trying it’s absolute best on all levels to get close.


From the GM who did an hour and a half tech support session for me back in 2007, to the devs who regularly drop into the forums just to see what we like and do not like.

The part that struck me is that they blatantly admit when they screw up. I am looking specifically at their continued, “Well… that didn’t work… lets try something else.” responses to getting defense at epic levels to work in all regards to style.

I.E. They continue to make a monk dodging a blow and an armored paladin toughing out a blow FEEL different AND work. See, doing one or the other is easy but the truly tricky part is to achieve BOTH and I have to give them credit for their efforts so far. Beyond this, lag spikes do exist but are manageable (especially when compared to other MMORPGs) in all places save for Wheloon.

That place is fracking crippling and needs to be fixed. Constant content updates for all levels come very often, so no worries there. Beyond this, I feel the game is very well put together at all levels. Though I wouldn’t mind if I found a few more dragon scales for my Warpriest’s armor… HINT HINT Cordovan and Tolero (Some of the Devs and if they read this, I hope they would consent to a comment, share, or even an interview.)

Looking for Group

If I have peaked your interest, please feel free to go to D&D Online and download the client. You will find me on the Khyber server. My guild, Majestics, and I would love to see you online. Currently I have been playing a warpriest named Fieoni, but also can be found under Lastabhair, Tailandi, Tailoni, and Dueraim. If you be not of the house of Thursask, come to the house of Ghallandra and crush a cup in the house of my masters!

This is Nigel “Nubz” Sanford, hoping to see you online so we both can role with it.


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    Great article! Love DDO

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      As do I but a few laptop meltdowns have kept me away for awhile. What server do you play on? Do you also play the table top version?
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