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Adventure Hooks

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The Dungeons and the Dragons of Dungeons & Dragons: White Dragon Lairs

Now that we’ve seen the insidious and torturous nature of the black dragon and the windy torrent of the wind dragon and their D&D dragon lairs, I think we need to cool off. Let’s take this party to the frozen tundra of the north where, shockingly enough, I have no shirtless savages. Instead, there be dragons. Well, just the one really. Let’s talk about introducing a dragon with the vicious, cold, and animalistic white dragon. What do these frost wyrms have to offer, what do white dragon lairs look like, and what servants, if at all do they have? We’re going to jump into my take on this lesser used dragon and try to make a unique adventure.

Top 3 Reasons to Run Published D&D Adventures Like City of Brass

Nerdarchists Dave and Ted share great insights and ideas on the reg on the Nerdarchy YouTube channel. In particular a recent video inspired by the City of Brass Kickstarter from Frog God Games is near and dear to my heart. In the video the pros and cons of a Dungeon Master running adventure paths and published D&D adventures are weighed with some surprising results. In my estimation, it’s all pros. No cons (except ones where thousands of nerds gather in one place for days of gaming celebration. Like Gen Con coming up in Aug. 2-5!)

The Dungeons and the Dragons of Dungeons & Dragons: Wind Dragon Lairs

I can’t be held down friends. You thought I was going to keep it going on the chromatic spectrum for introducing a dragon, but here we go doing a pivot to elemental dragons enclosed in the wonderful Tome of Beasts. While I have a deep love for the chromatic dragons, I do find them a bit restrictive at times. Because they are so iconic and interesting, it feels wrong to step outside their prescribed niches. The additional types of dragons and drakes in the Tome of Beasts allow for not only a wider range in dragon types and D&D dragon lairs but built-in personalities running a much wider gamut. Let’s roll into the bullies of the sky: the wind dragons and wind dragon lairs.

Powerful Potions and Mutated Trolls Await Within Wyestone Horror

Another month comes with it another wonderful Nerdarchy Patreon reward. For July 2018, Critical Hit Publishing brings us a wonderful supplement by the name of The Wyestone Horror. This document is packed with interesting items, new monsters, and a great adventure appropriate for a spooky one-shot. Let’s go into some of the aspects I really enjoyed about this Patreon reward and where it has legs beyond just the one-shot held within. 

MCU’s Failure Can Be Your Infinity War D&D Campaign Success

More Marvel Cinematic Universe talk within the honored halls of Nerdarchy. As I scribe away on scrolls and interdimensional glyphs, I ponder on the MCU films in D&D terms and how the limitations they had could easily be fixed at the gaming table. Let’s explore what I believe to be the largest weakness of the collective movies and how you can take advantage of the MCU’s failure to infuse a clever narrative arc and create your own Infinity War D&D campaign. Oh, fair warning, super minor Infinity War spoilers.


The Dungeons and the Dragons of Dungeons & Dragons: Black Dragon Lairs

There are two aspects of Dungeons & Dragons history that I love to include as often as I can in my campaigns. I find dungeons so important to D&D that it’s rare I will run even short arcs without them. The iconic nature or sheer power that comes with introducing a dragon into the narrative and the reaction you get from players when they find out there are rumors of a dragon… To me, these separate are wonderful, but together make for the set piece that brings D&D to firing on all cylinders. Let’s explore the different D&D dragons and the lairs they might make in a world where dungeons are reality. Let’s start out with one of my favorites: the Black Dragon.

5th Edition Dungeons and Dragons

Colosseum of Weird — D&D Extraplanar Adventure Seeds

The Nerdarchists are talking about adventures beyond the material plane. I will admit, I don’t care much for D&D extraplanar adventure. I tend to run a much lower fantasy. Not the lowest of fantasy, but beings from other dimensions and dimensional travel are things almost unheard of and fraught with danger. However, after re-watching some Thor: Ragnarok and watching Nerdarchists Dave and Ted get into the topic, I’m here to throw in some extra ideas that you might want to use in your upcoming adventures.

D&D Blood War demons and devils Tome of Foes

Cults of the Demons and Devils of the D&D Blood War in Mordenkainen’s Tome of Foes

The Nerdarchists continue their excavation into the world of demons and devils with part two of the D&D Blood War in Mordenkainen’s Tome of Foes. This time we’re talking about demons. I have long found demons and devils themselves to be a bit boring as villains themselves, but the idea of a mortal cult that worships a demon, now that is something that ignites my interest. When you really think, it can be a complicated concept. A group of mortals that are so devout in their beliefs, they are willing to sacrifice themselves, or at the very least risk themselves, in service to an extraplanar being. Getting into the psychology and trying to parse it all out is a lot of fun and with the great tables in Mordenkainen’s Tome of Foes, the creativity flows so easily. Using these tables, let’s start a cult together… for you next adventure arc, that is.

New 5E Player Race – Goatfolk, Getting Down with these Baaaa-ad boys

Goatfolk. The Beastmen. The Faun. They come by many names across many mediums. The Nerdarchy crew was inspired to create a stubborn, bearded race that wasn’t dwarves. This lead them to write us up a goatfolk 5E player race for your Fifth Edition games and I think we can christen these cloven-hoofed creatures with a proper encounter idea.

Free D&D

Enjoy a Free Download For Your D&D Game From Nerdarchy

Nerdarchy has been putting together content for your D&D game via Patreon for several years now. Like with everything we do we constantly strive to improve and get better to provide higher quality value to our fans. To that end we’ve changed our process creating Patreon content. We have enlisted the writer Sean McGovern from the Dungeon Master’s Guild and PowerScore RPG Blog.

Celebrate International Tabletop Day with a Free Download of D&D Stuff

In 2017, some folks on the Nerdarchy team put together a free adventure for fifth edition Dungeons & Dragons in recognition of International Tabletop Day. And for 2018 we’re at it again, and stepping up our game! To coincide with the revamp and relaunch of our Patreon rewards, we’re giving away a free download package of special rewards to everyone in the RPG community to help celebrate this most special of days on April 28. Empusia, Curator of Souls is a total package of D&D magic items, monsters, allies, enemies, dynamic and lost lore.

Limitless Encounters 2: A helping hand for the time challenged Game Master

Every now and then, as a Game Master you hit a speed bump. Either you hit writer’s block, or you have an off night where players couldn’t make it and you need a quick one shot. What do you do? You haven’t had any coffee in a while and you’re in a slump. No worries, the Limitless Adventures Team has you covered. Off the success of the original Limitless Encounters, the team has come back strong with Limitless Encounters 2.

Kobold Press Prepared 2 Adventure Collection: the Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Prepared 2 is the latest in the series of one-shot adventure products for fifth edition Dungeons & Dragons published by Kobold Press. This product was released as an aid to Game Masters who might be caught short when players take a campaign in an unexpected direction. I’m sure we can agree that such an event is common. Therefore, such a resource would or should be invaluable. To fully ascertain whether or not Prepared 2 fills the bill, it’s important to look at it from several angles.

D&D Product Review: Limitless NPCs Vol.1


Limitless Non Player Characters vol. 1 from Limitless Adventures.

NPCs for any D&D occassion

Many a Dungeon Master has encountered a creative wall when it comes to creating interesting, believable nonplayer characters for Dungeons & Dragons. Some only need a brief description and a name, but others can become key points in a campaign setting. They give an identity and culture to the world of the game.

It can be a challenge, though – it’s hard to predict which NPCs your party will take interest in and seek out in future sessions, and sometimes you have to come up with an NPC on the fly when the session takes an unexpected turn. Enter Limitless Adventures’ Non Player Characters vol. 1. The book contains 100 pre-written NPCs with descriptions, stats and loot that can be put into any campaign.

The book organises NPCs into eight categories: ally, charge, contact, foe, hireling, merchant, sage, and quest giver. Some NPCs fit into multiple categories, so the book’s chapters are more broadly sorted into allies, contacts, foes, merchants, and arch enemies. Each character includes a name, a brief description, stats, treasure, and quest hooks that can be found for each under the Further Adventure subtitle.

GM’s Can Create an Adventure in Five Easy Pieces

In the video above from the Nerdarchy YouTube channel Nerdarchist Dave, Nate the Nerdarch and Nerdarchist Ted explore an approach to creating tabletop roleplaying game adventures. Based on the Five Ws – traditional basic information gathering and problem solving steps – this method makes creating adventures for fifth edition Dungeons & Dragons or any RPG much easier.

By asking yourself who, what, where, when and why a Game Master turns what could be a daunting task into a quick process. Preparing RPG adventures this way provides a solid foundation for both GM and players. Building on the basic structure you create is absolutely possible. But this simple method alone offers ample material to work with at your gaming table for fun, rewarding experiences.

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