Savage Worlds: Exploring RPG Options Past the D&D Gateway

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As you play Dungeons & Dragons, several things will enter your thoughts. One of the more common among them is “I wonder if …” A lot of the time those if’s run along the lines of “can I play Star … Read More


Extend your 5E Game World with Limitless Adventures 5th Evolution

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Andy Hand and his team at Limitless Adventures have heard your frustrated call. These top creators in the gaming community have assembled under the Limitless Adventures banner and have brought to you 5th Evolution (5Evo). The intrepid band of writers … Read More

The Return of Rappan Athuk: Reborn for 5E on Kickstarter

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There’s a vast underground network of tunnels, caverns, halls and ruins. There are evil monsters, wicked traps, and devious tricks waiting to disembowel or otherwise harry ill-prepared adventurers who wander in. Hope is a foreign term to the grizzled veterans … Read More

Worldbuilding: The Nerdarchy United Live Chat Evolution

An inside look at worldbuilding and Ulthe-Gana Over the years geeks and nerds have flocked to the Heralds of Nerdarchy for answers and clarity. New to the call of the people are Nate the Nerdarch and co-host Kienata as they … Read More

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