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Bunni Malone Crime Boss from Zoo Mafia RPG

From Beastars to Baccano! and Beyond – See What Inspires Nerdarchy’s Latest TTRPG Live Play Campaign, Zoo Mafia RPG – Blood Moonshine

Zoo Mafia's Kickstarter has just launched this past week, and let me tell you, this game is wild. Okay, yes. I admit that the pun was intentional, but if that doesn't deter you from this article, then you're the kind of people I want reading. Zoo Mafia was born from...

Zoo Mafia RPG Book

🎲 Unleashing the Wild Side of Tabletop RPGs: Zoo Mafia RPG Hits Kickstarter! 🐾

📣 Big News, RPG Lovers! Hey, TTRPG family! 🎉 We're super excited (and a bit giddy, to be honest) to announce that our very own creation, Zoo Mafia RPG, is now live on Kickstarter! 🥳 Zoo Mafia RPG Kickstarter TRAILER https://youtu.be/mVEW90HOpmI 🐅 Welcome to Our Zoo Mafia World Imagine this:...