Building a D&D Character Soup to Nuts From Farmer to Folk Hero

Today’s D&D focuses a lot on one shots or West Marches or Adventurers League, and these are fine. However, this can sometimes leave characters with an empty void where once would be story and personality creating a delightful persona. Today … Read More

Blade Dancer – Dexterity Based Barbarian with Gas in the D&D Tank

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The gentlemen at Nerdarchy have been pouring over books and crunching the numbers in their effort to find the most effective fifth edition Dungeons & Dragons tank build. Myself, while I appreciate numbers and that search for the best, I’m … Read More

Getting the Most out of D&D Elves with Mordenkainen’s Tome of Foes

The Nerdarchists continue their dive into Mordenkainen’s Tome of Foes, this time pouring over the lore of the ancient and wise Dungeons & Dragons elves. A lot of interesting information within the Tome of Foes in regards to those weedy … Read More

RPG Character Types and the Sliding Scale of Tactical Characters vs. Heroic Characters

Salutations nerds! Today, I want to talk about RPG character types, in a way that directly lines up with playstyle. See, a lot of the players I know fall into patterns, somewhere between a couple of polls, and now that … Read More

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