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Roleplaying Games

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The Willing Suspension of Disbelief is Used to Create an Immersive RPG

Even with the light from your torch the stairwell’s end cannot be seen. As you cautiously make your way down each step, the cracks and crevices on the sides of the wall quiver and writhe in time to the torch’s flickering flame. 

The Willing Suspension of Disbelief is Used to Create an Immersive RPG creepy stairwellUnseen cobwebs flutter against your eyes and face. There is a rushing sound like one unending breath that you hear too close to your ear. You see something move in the shadows just outside the torch’s glow. You hear a scratching, chattering cacopho-

*crackle, crackle*The Willing Suspension of Disbelief is Used to Create an Immersive RPG gamemastering and chesse puffs

*crackle, crackle*

” Hey pass over those Cheese Puffs”

Sigh… The dreaded words that quell the willing suspension of disbelief in an immersive RPG.

“Pass me the ______” ( food or beverage )

           As a DM, if that blank is not filled by the words “Holy Avenger” or some other fantasy item, it really deconstructs the built up tension.

Thus undermining the work that we, as DMs, put into setting the mood of  encounters.

While experienced players can still hack it when it comes to mood disruptions they still lessen the overall experience for everyone.

Why is that the case?

Marvelous Mutants and Masterminds – Not just a Super Hero Game

Mutants & Masterminds

Mutants & Masterminds (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hi fans and fellow table toppers it is I Nerdarchist Ted here to talk about Mutants and masterminds.  No I am not talking about the future when chemicals have warped our bodies and the world is run by super powered dictators.  I could be if I was playing a game of Mutants and Masterminds though.

Mutants and Masterminds is a game that is based in the d20 system so you have your basic stats strength through charisma unless we are talking about 3rd edition M&M than things are only slightly different.



You have skills and feats just like you would in 3rd edition D&D and Pathfinder.  But here is where it gets divergent.  All the other things you can do in the game come from powers.

Game Master Tips | Campaigns with Poxes, Plagues, and Pandemics. Oh My!

The recent scare in plagues and pandemics has started me thinking about the trials and tribulations of such events… in the stories I write for my books and campaigns! The Game Master has the task, which may be daunting, of creating a believable world for his players to interact. How much more believable a world becomes in which there are poxes, plagues, and pandemics!

These poxes, plagues, and pandemics have always played a part in history, especially the history of Europe (the period and locale that most fantasy games are based on).

Nerdarchy explores Fate Accelerated

fate accelerated


Hello fellow Nerds, it is I, Nerdarchist Ted. Today we get to explore the system of Fate Accelerated.  Most of us at Nerdarchy have some exposure to games outside the standard d20 use, but tend to favor it.

There are plenty of games that use the d20, to many it is the best.  But here at Nerdarchy we want to explore all the options that are out there and bring our experiences to you our loyal fans.

Fate Accelerated is a simplified system based on the core rules.  You can get it here

Nubz Knows Chapter 4: The Family That Games Together, Stays Together.

Greetings and Salutations loyal Nerdarchy readers!

To start off my rants and idioms I would like to say that it appears Nerdarchy is becoming ordered (Nerdorder?) and you can look forward to Nubz Knows every Thursday.


Through this outlet I will be answering questions of what products you should check out, ways to help gaming, and even running the occasional interview. That being said, I would greatly appreciate any readers sending me questions about any Nerd topic and I will feature a few an issue or make it the prime topic as has been done in the past.

Think of it like “Dear Abby” (LOVE HER WIT) for Nerds. So become a part of Nerdarchy and send your questions to my Facebook, the comment section below, or slap a post it onto my forehead!

D20 OGL Makes Way For Third Party Publishers Like EveryMan Gaming

I love the D20 OGl, because it paved the way for Paizo’s Pathfinder RPG game. Which has in turn brought Nerdarchy in contact with Alex Augunas.


But before I go any further for you folks that don’t know what OGL is- Open Gaming License. It was introduced when Dungeons and Dragons 3rd edition was launched. Wizards Of The Coast, WOTC for short probably regrets that decision to this day.

Tabletop RPGs And Board Games And The House Rules To Rule Them All

Hello my fellow gamers out there.

Do you play Tabletop RPGs or board games only with the rules out of the book or box?

If you do you are missing something great.

table top gamesHouse rules be they in a tabletop rpg or board games offer many good and bad additions to the game.  So be careful if you decide to go down that road.  It is possible that if you make significant changes to a game you can alter the creators intent or completely remove the challenge that is implied with the rules.

However with subtle game play changes to your tabletop rpg or board game you can make something that you already enjoy that much better.

Nubz Knows: Chapter 2 – In A Role-Playing Game The Rogue, Stealing My Heart.

Greetings and salutations loyal Nerdarchy readers!,

Through Dungeons and Dragons, Pathfinder, my favorite Werewolf: The Apocalypse, or even games like heavy gear one class has always been there to capture my imagination and provide me with hours of entertainment. That class my amazingly aesthetically pleasing readers, is the rogue.

That dagger in the dark, the silver tongued dashing courtier, the quasi-mystical ninja, or the happy go lucky, but shady do gooder. The rogue can be so many things in just about any role-playing game system.

Walk in the shadows with me…

role-playing games

“Why would anyone want to play a rogue in a role-playing game?”

Nubz Knows: Chapter 1 – Werewolf The Apocalypse

Greetings and salutations loyal Nerdarchy readers here is a taste of Werewolf the Apocalypse!,

white wolf publishingI have been gaming for two and a half decades now,  and throughout these years my persistent “go-to” roleplaying game has and always will be “Werewolf: the Apocalypse” by White Wolf Publishing (Later Onyx Path Publishing). Why you might ask?

Because to me it always epitomized the way I viewed the world growing up, and in many ways still hold as my paradigm.  Found within Werewolf is the clash of two opposing worlds, the misunderstood hero, the bad guy the public supports, and so much more.

Mutants And Masterminds, An Awesome Table Top Role-Playing Game!

I’ve been lucky enough to experience four different superhero role-playing games; two editions of Green Ronin’s Mutant and Masterminds, the original Marvel Superheroes FASERIP system by TSR, Mayfair’s DC Heroes, and Heroes Unlimited by Palladium, but Mutants and Masterminds has been my favorite by far.  It was actually during a Heroes Unlimited RPG session that I was inspired to seek out a different superhero role-playing game.

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