Player Tips – Ways to get More Immersed in Your RPG – Part 1

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immersedOk tabletop lovers.  We all know that there are all types of players.  Some of you care more about just killing monsters and getting the treasure, but others care about exploration not only of the world in which you are playing but within the character themselves.

There are many ways as a player or a Game Master to get fully immersed in the game you are playing.  As a  Game Master being descriptive, but not overly so, helps paint the picture of what is around.  This can be very different for each group make sure you are not over or under doing it.  Have talks with your players to make sure you are giving them what level they desire.

Tips to get You Even More Immersed in Your RPG

As a player you have even more ability to get drawn in the world in which you are Role Playing.  Follow these few tips and you will be a master in no time.

Step 1: Description.  What does your character look like?  What type of mannerisms does he or she rpghave?  Visually what makes this character a hero or villain?  If you can answer these questions you are well on the way to not only being in the characters head but allowing the other players at the table to be more drawn into the story.  Who knows they might reciprocate with similar behavior pulling you all into the story even more.

Here is an example.  Recently we were playing Star Wars RPG and I am plying a Force Sensitive Bounty Hunter who is the race of Togruta.  Now those of you very Familiar with Star Wars might have a good idea of what that should look like, but others might not.  When each player began to make an entrance we were in a large council chamber with lots of people from a variety of races all around.  The GM was willing to let the situation unfold, but I stepped in and started talking and said now would be a good time to describe the character.

Standing at just about six feet tall I stride into the room.  This male Togrutan is covered from beck to feet in laminate, storm trooper, armor.  It has been painted black with a smattering of yellow in a very bizarre pattern that makes it look like tentacles.  He has 4 Lekku, or tendrills coming down his back, player tipatypical of his race, most have only 3.  His skin is a dark orange in the little that can be seen on his face and neck.  His one visible eye is bright almost vibrant orange standing out as matching and striking at teh same time as his skin color.   His other eye is covered in a black eye patch and the contrast of dark and light you almost miss the covered eye drawn to the only visible eye.

Now that is a lot for a single character description and is one that would typically come mid game but our buddy Scott does not do things by halves.  But even a starting character can have a good description.  Find something to make him or her stand out.  Or if it is more fitting how and why they are easily overlooked.

I played a character once that was a superhero and part of his make up was that as a normal he was plain and boring – strait 10’s so most people over looked him, as if he was part of the back ground.

So that is just one way that you can get immersed in your game.  I am going to go through this over the next few weeks with examples to help you out.  Next week we are going to talk about character voice followed by more tips that will help you get immersed in your own game.

Thanks for reading as always Until Next Time, Stay Nerdy!


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    i'm stoked that this is a "part 1" of a series. i'm always interested in hearing your theories and examples concerning general player tips. thanks for all the work you do, Ted.

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