Celebrating Zombie Orpheus Culture at ZOECon – Convention Coverage Part 2

ZOECon 2018 has come and gone about three weeks ago. The memories are still able to cause this old descendant of the Vikings to smile. Nonetheless, Asa Kinney and I got the opportunity to interview several members of the Zombie … Read More

Homebrew Review: Izzy’s Slightly Used Airships for D&D from DM’s Guild

Izzy’s Slightly Used Airships got put on my pile by a very eager creator, BrightShield on the Dungeon Master’s Guild. This may not seem like an important detail but it is. BrightShield has shown a propensity toward being his own … Read More

Homebrew Review: D&D Xanathar’s Lost Notes To Everything Else from DM’s Guild

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After a week of exceedingly bad health followed by a week of recovery I have returned, undeterred from my task of bringing to you honest reviews of the homebrew content so popular among gamers of all generations. Today we will … Read More

GM911: Always Here For Advice On Your Gaming Emergencies

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Have you been to the Nerdarchy YouTube channel? Have you seen the Nerdarchists talking to and about those in need of roleplaying game advice on the GM911 series? Low and behold we had a long talk and have volunteers to … Read More

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