GM911: Always Here For Advice On Your Gaming Emergencies

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Have you been to the Nerdarchy YouTube channel? Have you seen the Nerdarchists talking to and about those in need of roleplaying game advice on the GM911 series? Low and behold we had a long talk and have volunteers to … Read More

The Devil Is In The Details: A Discussion On Adding Detail Into Gaming

My friends and I were discussing what it is that makes the great memories of the gaming table different than the mundane. What it is that makes the Game Master and players play off of one another to amazing results. … Read More

D&D Subraces for Elves: Winged, Wild, and Fierce

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Between the time this article was written (Sunday 11.12.2017 afternoon), sent to editor (Sunday 11.12.2017 evening), and scheduled to appear in front of you (scheduled for release 11.14.2017) Wizards of the Coast released Unearthed Arcana update (11.13.2017) that is of … Read More

Roleplaying As A Challenge

There are near-limitless types of challenges within the world of gaming. From combat challenges to puzzles, there is something about conquering a problem that resonates with the adventurer’s soul within us all. My Starfinder game had a challenge unique in … Read More

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