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Deck of Beasts: Kobold Press Is Holding All The Cards!

Kobold Press deals a winning hand with Deck of Beasts

Kobold Press Deck of BeastsGreetings Nerdarchy readers! Has anyone told you that you are awesome today? Well you are, and I believe that awesome people deserve equally awesome things. That being said, I have had the immense pleasure to speak to Kobold Press’s Wolfgang Baur and Inkwell Ideas’ Joe Wetzel about a product they created that has not only amazed me but impressed me. Their creative minds have shuffled together to deal us the amazing, the stupendous, the inspiring Deck of Beasts and Sidequest Decks!

What are these items I speak of you ask? Well let me tell you dear Nerdarchy reader about a dark age in gaming where one would have to lug around entire books just to include one monster. These days, the dark ages if you will, your Dungeon Master would have to turn and reference things which could take up valuable time. As a Dungeon Master, I always wanted to show the amazing artwork detailing the monster they were facing.

Despite my illustrious ability to spout adjectives with prolific prose, a picture is indeed worth a thousand words. Well this is where the Deck of Beasts comes in. Continue reading Deck of Beasts: Kobold Press Is Holding All The Cards!

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Fantasy Weapons for d&d 5e Races | d&d 5e Homebrew

Fantasy Weapons and Equipment for d&d 5e races

So over the years, I have written various bits of lore that pertain to the d&d 5e races as well as several campaigns.

fantasy weapons d&d 5e races elves d&d 5e homebrew
mithrodin sword by rstovall CC -BY-ND 3.0 License.

That being said, the part that I see missing from Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition is the specific equipment that each race has at its disposal.

To this end, I did a bit of thinking and propose the following items and racial trait for your campaign. Now one could ask why one would even need or want more choices when choosing a weapon for your character.

The reason is that it adds a depth and flavor to the world, enhances roleplay, and adds mechanics to back the craftsmanship that is spoken of so often in lore.

From fine Elven blades to sturdy Dwarven axes and brutal Orcish weaponry these weapons are famous and iconic when one thinks of these d&d 5th edition races. Continue reading Fantasy Weapons for d&d 5e Races | d&d 5e Homebrew

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Eyes Up Guardian! Destiny 2 Is Live

Promotional art for Destiny 2 [Image courtesy of Bungie]
Well Nerdarchists, it is here. The long awaited sequel to Destiny from Bungie.

With this game we pick up right after the end of the original Destiny and all its DLC. Before we get into that let me say a few things. Bungie had taken everything we loved in the original Destiny and cranked that to 11, all while discarding the unwanted features. Gone are the constant hopping in and out of orbit, the “samey” feel to much of the things, the power creep, and the lack of an organic feel.

It no longer feels like an episodic game akin to Halo. It is a living, breathing fight across the planet. Public events are marked on the map. Lore, vendors, and missions are right there scattered across the battlefield with you. You can fast travel without having to leave the planet.

My personal favorite is the writing. This story is immersive, sucking you in at all points. Even in the fact that you’re struggling to regain your powers as you fight to hold humanity from the brink of extinction. The NPCs all have personalities. Even the enemies are given life through breathtaking and suspense-filled cut scenes or encounters with them while actually playing. Continue reading Eyes Up Guardian! Destiny 2 Is Live

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Unusual Builds Tell A Story All Their Own

5th edition

5th editionYears ago, in my great grandfather’s time, the emperor sent out citizens to colonize the wild lands and expand the Empire.

This is how we came to live north of the wall. There we found and settled lands that were more fertile than any the empire had ever seen. The game was plentiful, the water clean, and the soil rich.

We flourished, growing from a settlement to a village growing to a bustling town with every family having its own land.

And then the Greenskins came.

Continue reading Unusual Builds Tell A Story All Their Own

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Swordmage Homebrew Review


So lately I have been taking a look at homebrews and trying to, to quote Morpheus, “free your mind.” Well I have found some good ones, and some bad ones.

This week, I will be covering a decently done homebrew of the fourth edition Dungeons & Dragons swordmage that I can honestly say is very close to ready for actual use.

There are a few changes that I would make, and I will note them here. Though you are more than welcome to not use my suggestions or not use the character at all.

The link to this homebrew by Glorac can be found here. Continue reading Swordmage Homebrew Review

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D&D Homebrew: What I’ve Learned

D&D homebrew
Homebrew content for D&D can help make the world of your game unique and memorable. Just be careful when designing.

Last week I did a review on a fifth edition Dungeons & Dragons homebrew I particularly liked. Namely the Dark Arts Player’s Companion. This week has been an interesting one. I have gotten rave reviews, decently high traffic, and some not so nice rants too. I have learned a few things that people like and things they don’t like. The most important thing, I have learned what people like to see. Here is what I have learned, and I hope it helps you in your own homebrew. Continue reading D&D Homebrew: What I’ve Learned

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Review: Dark Arts Player’s Companion

D&D Dark Arts Player's CompanionNormally I don’t like third party content, especially for fifth edition Dungeons & Dragons, but this week I found something not only amazingly well made, but well balanced for the most part.

Specifically I found the Dark Arts Player’s Companion presented by Jonoman3000. This product for D&D, found here on reddit, is something that hits a special place in my heart.

Specifically I have always loved the likes of Blade, Spawn, and Ghost Rider who meet the darkness head on with its own weapons in hand. So, if thee be not afraid, come and join me in the dark side with the Dark Arts Player’s Companion. Continue reading Review: Dark Arts Player’s Companion

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DC Universe Online Is Experiencing A Rebirth

In the great big world of massive multiplayer online games, the market is very make-it-or-break-it. Yeah there are some games that are bigger than others, but the ones that really catch fire hit a specific market and consistently update the content. DC Universe Online, or DCUO for short, had hit the market so hard they beat out the market leader to become the ruler of the roost.

From going free to play, to the consistent new powersets that are given to the new players, DCUO has kept it coming. The MMO visits not just content inspired by hot topic events like various movies, huge comic arcs and cosplay fads, but also brings in things from the fringes of the comics to entertain. Truly, DCUO has got it on PS3, PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Continue reading DC Universe Online Is Experiencing A Rebirth

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Campaign Rebirth: How to Keep Your Campaign Fresh

Campaign Rebirth

How to Keep Your Campaign Fresh

All campaigns experience highs and lows, even if you’re the party on the cover of the Sword Coast Adventurer’s Guide. [Art by Tyler Jacobson]
I just wrapped up a campaign that had been going on for about six years. In that time we had a few lulls, and a few highlights. The thing is, we kept things changing and getting them to refresh as needed.

This is something many groups fail to do in various roleplaying games like Dungeons & Dragons, World of Darkness, and Pathfinder. Changing the focus, the goals, or the theme to spice things up. The problem is that not every group can do this, and some cannot even recognize when it is happening.

I hope that this little article will help you in both these regards and assist you in steering the proverbial horse away from the cliff. Let’s delve into campaign rebirth Continue reading Campaign Rebirth: How to Keep Your Campaign Fresh

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Homebrew RPG Gaming Tips

RPG gamingWell, today is a day of heat and sweat here in Washington, but I am still riding the high of an amazing gaming session last night.

The thing is we ended up having to wing a lot of thing to make the game as immersive and fun as possible. This got the old grey matter working – how can I pass on a few homebrewed solutions I have learned with experience and innovation?

A list of as many things as I can think of seems like a good place to start. After all, what is Nerdarchy but a place that is not just entertainment but for information of all kinds. Some of these will be no-brainers but some are actually pretty interesting, or at least I think so. Continue reading Homebrew RPG Gaming Tips

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Effects Of Age On A D&D Character Can Enhance the Experience

Effect of age in D&D

age effect
Opening phrase of Prince Hamlet’s soliloquy in William Shakespeare’s play “Hamlet,” Act III, Scene I.

Age is a usually inescapable villain that hunts down any and all who walk this mortal coil.

That being said, there are ways to escape it. What we will deal with here are reactions left to those who don’t have the ability to visit the fountain of youth, become a lich or vampire, and have no chance to ascend to godhood.

The touch of age is something a lot of gamers forget but could do well to keep in mind. After all, the effect of it could very well enhance your gaming experience.

In previous editions of Dungeons & Dragons the effect of age was pretty easy to document.

“To be or not to be? Not to be.” – Arnold Schwarzenegger as Jack Slater, playing Hamlet in the 1993 Columbia Pictures film “Last Action Hero”

In fact, your character could even use it as a form of min/maxing as your physical stats drop while your mental stats raise.

This could be a godsend to casters, especially the wizard and sorcerer who would want to push the DC of their spells as far as possible.

Conversely, a more physical type would run from the cold hand of time, as those physical abilities are their very bread and butter. Continue reading Effects Of Age On A D&D Character Can Enhance the Experience

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Bungie’s Destiny 2 Launches Open Beta with Live Gameplay

“Eyes up guardian… just kidding. I just wanted to tell you how proud I am to be your ghost. Ever since I found you on Earth it has been a non stop ride. From the Black Gardens and the vex god you killed, to the entire hive royal family you put down. Remember how angry Oryx was with you? Good times, almost as good as the jokes Cayde would tell while you played soccer. I will never forget why you tried to get Zavala to join in those dance parties of yours. Those were the days… Guardian, remember the look of admiration when you got from Saladin when you shut the others down in that Iron Banner event? Bit of friendly competition was just the way to celebrate success against the SIVA crisis. We have come a long way together. My favorite was feeling the rush of wind during the sparrow races. Or maybe when you hit the shield brothers with the Gjallarhorn rockets. Man that was… hey… Eyes up Guardian, for real this time. What’s that? Up there in front of the Traveler…?”
-Ghost designation D1NKL80T

Promotional art for Destiny 2 [Image courtesy of Bungie]
Come join us on Destiny 2 on the PlayStation 4 as Nerdarchy Staff Writer Nubz tries out the open beta!

Play on PS4 or PS3? Did you know that Nerdarchy has a community that plays together often? Go ahead and search in the community section for Nerdarchy and for the player Nubz_The_Zombie

Have any Questions or Comments?
Feel free to message me at or at

Stay Nerdy,


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Worst Ways To DM D&D

There was an interesting video done on the Nerdarchy YouTube channel that detailed not just the worst ways to Dungeon Master, but the worst ways that the Nerdarchy crew have DM’d. This caught my ear for the humorous humility one has to have in order to present such. This of course is right up my alley, and akin to my usual theme of humor in the day-to-day discussions of Dungeons & Dragons. So of course I simply had to volunteer to speak on the worst ways to DM, and add my mistakes to the list. Let’s jump in and speak of various mistakes I’ve made, shall we? Let the roast begin! Continue reading Worst Ways To DM D&D

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5 Laughable Things That Destroyed A Campaign

“Cambers Quarreling” by Jan Steen, circa 1665 [Image courtesy of Detroit Institute of Arts]
Well here we go again with a response to a video from our Nerdarchy YouTube channel. Specifically the bearded boys had listed what they have seen destroy a campaign to the point that those occurrences can guarantee the fall of your campaign.

I do believe any campaign could survive things that would destroy others, and D&D is a game that can accommodate so many different styles to the point I do not feel safe guaranteeing anything will happen.

What I will say is I have seen things destroy campaigns that would make you roll save vs death from laughter. That being said, I will not name the people who destroyed these campaigns, but I will describe things as I remember them now.

Ahh yes, the mists of time cloud all. Here we go with my experiences, and I would love to hear your experiences. Continue reading 5 Laughable Things That Destroyed A Campaign

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On D&D Alignment and Behavior: Nubz Chimes In

alignment behavior

D&D alignment
Where’s my grognards at? This classic diagram comes from the Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Player’s Handbook.

D&D alignment

Alignment has been a part of gaming since it’s inception. Arguably, alignment has been a concept within society of the real world since society’s inception.

From the beginning, alignment could be used to describe the actions of every level of society from the humble serf who shares their bread to the despot who claims to have the best interests of the people at heart but lives upon the backs of their citizens through childish antics and hypocritical actions that fly in the face of their constituents.

Okay, I will step off my soap box against chaotic evil. So D&D alignment was brought up by Nerdarchy on the YouTube channel in the video above, and I would like to weigh in on what was said about alignment. Continue reading On D&D Alignment and Behavior: Nubz Chimes In