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Another month comes with it another wonderful Nerdarchy Patreon reward. For July 2018, Critical Hit Publishing brings us a wonderful supplement by the name of The Wyestone Horror. This document is packed with interesting items, new monsters, and a great adventure appropriate for a spooky one-shot. Let’s go into some of the aspects I really enjoyed about this Patreon reward and where it has legs beyond just the one-shot held within. 

Exclusive content from Critical Hit Publishing

Wyestone Horror

This adventure, as you might have gleaned from the title, would be great for a horror one-shot. Entering into a quaint town to hear about attacks from beyond the dark woods. Within the town, there are many interesting people for the players to interact with and hear of leads. Eventually the story will bring them to a trail through the woods where they will have to deal with this dark copse closing in on them and the rough and tumble creatures within. Once they break the treeline, they will find a tall lighthouse set atop a sheer cliff overlooking the water. The horrors of the forest pale in comparison to the darkness they find within this structure and the experiments the party will have to deal with.

Scavenge everything

This supplement is filled to the brim with wonderful pieces to be lifted and implemented in multiple campaigns. The easy grabs are the new monsters and magic items conveniently enclosed in the beginning of the book, rather than the end. I adore this choice as I use supplements like this more as something to grab pieces, rather than run the entire story. This allows me to turn to it quickly without needing to search. After the magic items and monsters you have the brief but flavorful NPC descriptions. With minor tweaking, these could easily be used in other campaigns, saving you some time writing up extra personalities, or just a quick reference if you need to flesh out an NPC on the fly. The part I plan to lift, and soon, are the last few pages that describe some pretty terrible potions and the reactions if imbibed. This long table has so many options between using it as is and giving them as weapons to foes pitted against the party. This potion table is great and I plan to use as soon as I can.

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