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Better D&D Dungeons with ZFigs Interlocking Dungeon Tiles

Monstrous Humanoids in 5E D&D
Kickstarter Korner for November 2018, Week 4

Waterdeep: Dungeon of the Mad Mage has just been released for Dungeon Masters to test their players’ mettle with. D&D dungeons are a tried and true staple of the game. Over the years there has been D&D dungeon after D&D dungeon. From the Tomb of Horrors to today’s modern Dungeon of the Mad Mage. And over the years Dungeon Masters have used a ton of different methods for representing their dungeons. Now there is another one from Toy Vault live on KickStarter. Their new ZFigs Interlocking Dungeon Tiles is affordable 3D dungeon terrain for everyone’s tabletop games. There are some really nice high dungeon tiles and sets out there, but they aren’t also within the average gamer’s budget. 

Dungeon Masters

Zfigs Interlocking Dungeon Tiles are a great way to enhance your game. The tiles push together and stay together with our “Tab and Slot” design. This allows you to pick up a whole room without it falling apart. “Tab and Slot” also aligns your pieces naturally, preventing wobbly corridors that aren’t quite straight. Each tile was designed using state of the art 3D modelling. All pieces are made of solid ABS plastic, are lightweight, and can be easily transported.

Enter ZFigs interlocking Dungeon Tiles

They are modular and come in painted and unpainted varieties. Not only do they look great and are affordable, every pledge level will not only give Dungeon Masters the dungeon tiles for making D&D dungeons, but each pledge level will have an adventure ideas provided by Toy Vault. Let’s see if we can’t expand some of those adventure ideas or come up with some of our own for each tier.

The Goblin’s Lair

Dungeon Tiles

The Goblin’s Lair — Snickersnack and her minions are holed up in here after hearing there was a group of adventurers in town. Can you brave the goblin mob, and take down this threat to the village? The main room has plenty of room for the goblin horde, and Snickersnack’s room has two alcoves, one for her and one for her mate: a brute by the name of Marg.


The Goblin’s Lair is just three words. But what is the name of the goblin? What goblin is so powerful that it could command it’s own lair? Is it’s henchmen other goblins? Perhaps it’s conscripted some orcs into it’s service. How would a lowly goblin rise up to command more powerful monsters? The answers might lead to the same as the ones laid out by the folks behind Zfigs.

Crypt of the Mummy

 Toy Vault

The Crypt of the Mummy — Many many years ago the beautiful queen Amarant ruled over a massive empire. Under her rule, the empire thrived and prospered. It is said that the capital was so rich that there were no beggars on the street, and no citizen wanted for anything. That empire is long gone, and only ruins remain of their once prosperous cities. Yet the promise remains alive, and the Cult of the Scarab wants to bring Amarant back to rule again! Has the party been hired to stop the cult? Or has the cult hired the party to exhume Amarant from her tomb? What mysterious guardians remain to protect her corpse from desecration?


The Crypt of the Mummy — Who was the mummy? Who was the architect of the crypt? Who were the builders? All of these questions can guide Dungeon Masters through the process of creating an adventure to take the players on. If we have a mummy then there should be a mummy’s curse, right? What might an adventuring party need from the crypt and why?

Temple of the Ravening Rats

5th Edition Dungeons and Dragons

Temple of the Ravening Rats — Mention Eechee the Rat Lord in any city and spit will hit the floor, followed by a quick ward. Since the rise of Eechee cities have become overrun with rats. Disease is rampant, and the folk live in fear of rabid rat swarms bubbling up from the sewers to carry away their young. Eechee seems particularly bent on destroying other gods, as the swarms are drawn towards churches. Isolated cathedrals are falling to hordes of rats and rat beasts. Their idols are desecrated and re-consecrated for the church of Eechee. Worshipers flock to the church of Apollo, as it offers some protection against the wave of rodents. However, in just one day the swarms overran the priests, and the temple was defiled. Can the party of heroes clear the temple? Will the swarms overpower them?


Temple of the Ravening Rats — this instantly brings the ideas of rot and decay into my mind. It’s a temple, so who is the god it venerates? What kind of priests, acolytes, or servants tend the temple? Does this god require sacrifice? What are it’s followers? Is this temple secret or is it known? Is the religion accepted by others in the region?


5e D&D

Tower of the Elements — Parthag the wizard has always sent the group on crazy missions, but his rewards are always tempting enough to give it a shot. His latest request sounds like a bridge too far! Far from civilization on the blasted plain of Bogtha stands a single, tall tower. It is surrounded by a moat of fire, and a continuous lightning storm hides the top of the tower. The ground isn’t safe as every few minutes the earth shifts, lifts, and drops causing bottomless fissures to open and close, swallowing anything stationary within 10 miles of the tower. The Tower of Elements stands looking over this bleak landscape, holding secrets of the elements from mortal hands. Parthag wants those secrets. Each floor contains a gemstone with the power to shape and control the primal elemental forces. However, each gem weakens the barrier between the planes allowing creatures to travel between the two. The elements war with each other, each trying to get the gemstones and destroy them. Will the party recover the gemstones? Will one of the elements win their war? What will Parthag do with the gemstones if they give them all to him?


Tower of the Elements – Screams a Temple of Elemental Evil vibe. That being said we could just as easily spin a different tale based of an invasion from the Elemental Planes. By asking questions we can start to flesh out adventure ideas. For instance what elemental planes are involved? Who has brought them together? What do they want? Do they have agents on this world? Was the tower always there or did it appear?


Manor of the Bloodwalker — The hamlet of Brasav has always had a good relationship with the lord on the hill. The manor overlooked the hamlet like a protective lion. The lord would frequently open the doors to the manor for various hamlet events and many of the townsfolk worked at the manor. One night, everything changed. Townsfolk employed in the manor ran down the hill covered in blood, screaming of demons in the manor. The manor has remained quiet ever since. The village is cursed, children have gone missing, and elderly citizens have been found dead in their beds, every drop of blood drained. The crops are failing as each day starts with a heavy mist, leaving a weak and watery sunlight for just a few hours. The villagers know that something is living up there. They see strange lights and shadows, but none are brave enough to investigate. Will the party help save the town and find out what horror is in the manor? Will the Bloodwalker continue its reign of terror over the village?


Manor of the Bloodwalker — The word manor conjures the image of nobility. Who is the Bloodwalker? Is the Bloodwalker a curse? Is the Bloodwalker a title? Is it a local tale? What is the terrain around the manor like? What the people in the region like?

Dungeons and Dragons

Castle of the Mad King — The party has been adventuring for years, scrimping and saving each copper piece all in the hopes to find a castle to call home. Finally, they have succeeded, King Alabast has given them the title to a border castle and the surrounding lands. One problem though, they need to evict the current resident, the bandit king Uluthar. Alabast has sent several expeditions to border lands to take back the castle. None have come back alive. Reports indicate a powerful wizard is helping the Bandit King. Will the party fell the Bandit King? Or will they join him, rebelling against the powerful empire?


Castle of the Mad King — Brings to the mind a citizenry held in terror. Who is the Mad King? Has he always been an insane tyrant or did something happen? How long have the people been oppressed? Is the king suffering from a curse, an ailment, or is it an imposter?

Whether you wanna use one of the scenarios from Zfigs or come up with your own there is ton of possibilities using the ZFigs Interlocking Dungeon Tiles. be sure to check out their Kickstarter and see what your own imagination is inspired by. And check out the video below for more tips on running or playing in a dungeon.

Better D&D Dungeons — Tips For Players and Dungeon Masters Video

Sponsored by Toy Vault

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