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The Nerdarchists are covering a list of benefits to playing D&D and these really do apply to all roleplaying games. The RPG hobby is wonderful for building you up as a multifaceted person, but what about the people who have been in the hobby for 15 or more years? We may still benefit from those basic concepts and learning how to play, but there are diminishing returns. For me, I know the longer I play the benefits I get are much different than when I started, especially now that I’m playing as an adult.

benefits to playing D&D RPG hobby quality of life

RPG hobby for quality of life

Benefits of RPG longevity

I’ve been playing for quite awhile and I attribute a notable amount of my positive personality traits in part to my younger years playing these games. Now that I’ve gotten older, I’ve only increased my play rate to the point of trying to make a occupation out of it. One of the major benefits I’ve gained from the hobby is the ability to stay in touch with the many friends I’ve accrued.

Due to my military career, I move often and to far reaching locations. With roleplaying combined with the technology of the age, I can keep in touch with my friends but in a way that is more meaningful to us than just a Facebook message here and there. Being able to sit down and create stories together, laugh, and just have a great time gaming is incredible, especially when I’m doing it while I’m in Germany, with a friend in Korea, another in Africa, and the rest back in the states. We may be spread across the globe, but for three hours a week, we’re all back in the dining room together, throwing dice and laughing.

benefits to playing D&D
Life is better with D&D friends the same way adventuring is better with a party.

With all the people I’ve met, it means I no longer have the issue I had as a child of not having enough players. Before, when my circle of friends was smaller, finding enough people who wanted to play and could play was tough, often leading us to play a lot of two player and even one player sessions. Now, I have so many players I had to create a campaign so I could reasonably play with all of them. I game now as an adult more than I ever did as a kid because I’ve had the pleasure of meeting so many wonderful people over the years. While some might think RPGs dwindle as you age, I find the contrary to be true.

One of the most unexpected benefits I’m enjoying is compounded experience. Playing with the same people over and over for a decade or more means you start to speak a common language. Rule preferences, lore, and inside jokes become normal in a long running group and this just adds to the enjoyment.

The nostalgia that crops up when someone remembers a similar situation happening to us back in high school is a fun run through the past. These friendships have exponential pay-offs as the years continue and with that, the games we play become so much richer for the experience.

But what do you think? Have you experienced a shift over the years as an experienced participant in the hobby? If you’re a new player, what is something that you look forward to if you were to stick with the hobby for a decade or more? Let me know in the comments below. As always, stay nerdy!

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