Absolute Tabletop Adventure Kit Oath of the Frozen King

Absolute Tabletop takes the Oath of the Frozen King with Nerdarchy

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Nerdarchist Dave welcomes Matt Click and Tim Kearney from Absolute Tabletop to live chat #45 to talk about Oath of the Frozen King, their latest Kickstarter project. With a solid history of RPG content creation, AbTab’s latest offering is the Adventure Kit, which they describe as “versatile, flexible frameworks for roleplaying game adventures.” The modular presentation allows for minimal prep time for GMs, enabling you to run adventures for your players at the drop of a hat.

Absolute Tabletop Adventure Kit Oath of the Frozen King
Oath of the Frozen King is the latest Adventure Kit from Absolute Tabletop

‘We make what we’d use’

AbTab’s design goals for Oath of the Frozen King and Adventure Kits is to include everything the designers themselves believe is necessary to run fun, successful RPG adventures. Their goal was to answer the question of what they want and need from published RPG content.

AbTab’s continued success builds on the strong, vibrant community of creative and supportive gamers growing along with them. Passion for tabletop gaming permeates throughout their products and engagement with fans, including Nerdarchy’s live chat appearance. Click and Kearney discuss their philosophies and approach to game design, running adventures and running Kickstarter campaigns. Players, GMs and game designers will all find something to pique their interest while they get to know these creators a little better.

Matt Click is one of the nerds behind Absolute Tabletop

In addition to Oath of the Frozen King, AbTab organized their very first convention, set for July 8, 2017 in Tacoma, Washington. ATCON is a small, casual gathering by design, a way to give back to their fans and interact with them in person and, of course, play games.

AbTab is also moving forward with Harbinger, a dark science fantasy ruleset compatible with 5th edition Dungeons and Dragons. Playtest rules are free and gamers are encouraged to sign up for volume 2 of the playtest that will become live on June 2.

All the latest news and announcements from AbTab are available on their website here. The website also includes GM tips, lore and supplemental material about their campaign settings and a store where you can find previous products as well as free stuff.

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    The adventure looks good and I love the “toolbox” addition to the kit; really good stuff. I get the feeling this will expand and become a fully fleshed out world with more additions to come.

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