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The Mis-Adventurers: An (Almost) Epic Tale is a new adult comedic fantasy adventure novel that hits a lot of the beats of a D&D campaign and the lovely disasters that can ensue. As the author, I very consciously designed the story this way, because some of the best stories I’ve ever experienced have been around the game table.
A large part of what makes D&D work so well as a storytelling avenue is its codified rules. These define things like how magic works, what weapons can do, and even resolving complex maneuvers. As an author trying to capture the proverbial magic of a tabletop roleplaying game story, I knew I’d have to codify many of the book’s events in terms of game mechanics. As such, I devised a unique new D&D subclass for each character.

new D&D subclass D&D monk Monastic Tradition
In The Mis-Adventurers: An (Almost) Epic Tale, Thomas Edward Overdale (aka Tom), of Farshire, is an eager halfling bard determined to set out on his own, so that he can write an epic tale of legend.

Monastic Tradition — Way of the Third Eye

A new subclass for D&D monks

The Way of the Third Eye was inspired by Ashwen, or more specifically, by her teacher. By following the Way of the Third Eye, Ashwen learns to see past the lies and illusions of this world, including the illusion of separation.
This new D&D subclass focuses on monks who awaken their psionic potential through ki, eventually learning how to assault enemies’ minds and surpass the physical limitations typically imposed by their reality. In short, by seeing through the illusions of the world, D&D monks following of the Way of the Third Eye can ascend their minds and bodies in tandem.

Way of the Third Eye

Life is energy; a river that flows invisibly through everything and everyone. The Way of the Third Eye teaches its pupils to perceive the world’s energy through a strong psychic connection to their own life essence. By perceiving the world through their third eye, followers of this tradition learn to see beyond illusions and transcend the limitations imposed by the physical world.

Bonus Proficiency

When you choose this tradition at 3rd level, you gain proficiency in your choice from Insight, Investigation, or Perception.

Sixth Sense

Also at 3rd level, you learn to see without sight and extend your senses beyond yourself. You gain blindsight within 10 feet of you.
When you reach 6th level, the radius of your blindsight increases by 10 feet, and again at 11th level, for a total of 30 feet.

Sight beyond Sight

Beginning at 6th level, you have advantage on checks and saving throws made to see through illusions.
Additionally, while you are blinded, your blindsight radius acts as though you are under the effects of a see invisibility spell.

Psychic Outreach

Starting at 11th level, you can reach out to the ki of other creatures and meld your understanding with their own. You can cast detect thoughts at will, without expending a spell slot. If you wish to push the spell to the point that a creature must make a saving throw, you must spend 2 ki points to do so.
Additionally, you can extend your ki into the world to manipulate objects and creatures. This enables you to cast levitate on yourself at will, without expending a spell slot. When you cast either of these spells using this feature, you ignore the verbal and material component requirements.

Psychic Protection

Beginning at 11th level, you gain resistance to psychic damage, and your mind cannot be read, unless you allow it to be.

Psychic Strike

Starting when you reach 17th level, you can assault a creature’s mind when you attack it with an unarmed strike. When you hit a creature with an unarmed strike, you deal an extra 1d6 psychic damage.

Third Eye

Also beginning at 17th level, you can spend 5 ki points to cast true seeing to awaken the potential of your third eye or the third eye of another creature. When you do, you ignore the verbal and material component requirements.

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