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Use This Circle of the Moon Druid for Your Next 5E D&D Game

Making the Most of Wild Shape Forms for 5E D&D Druids
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When it comes to fifth edition Dungeons & Dragons the druid is probably my favorite class. Reasons for this abound. The 5E D&D druid is super versatile and comfortably fills the role of healer, defender, controller or damage dealer. Even when players focus on one particular aspect through one of the Druid Circles and other choices druid characters can still fill the other roles in a pinch. Over at Nerdarchy the YouTube channel Nerdarchists Dave and Ted cover one such aspect in a discussion about different Wild Shape forms a druid (specifically a Circle of the Moon druid) might use.

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Wild about Wild Shape

Much of the 5E D&D druid’s versatility is thanks to the unique suite of class features. Spellcasting is the big one here. The druid spell list feels tailor made to enable versatility. Control spells like flaming sphere and entangle let you influence your opponents’ movements while healing spells like cure wounds and lesser restoration cement you as a capable healer. Then you have the weird spells uniquely versatile in themselves like goodberry or produce flame.

Honestly druids hit the ground running with usefulness from tier one and they only soar from there. The video inspired me with just how much flavor exists in the druid, especially in its animal forms. Due to the nature of the druid class and features each druid character’s flavor is shaped by their environment.

This got me thinking about flavorful options for druid characters I might play or incorporate into my own games. But rather than just hoard these ideas for myself I decided to take a note from a recent video I saw by Ginny Di and flesh them out to share one of them with you. I’d like to introduce you to a new druid NPC you can use in your games.

Argent the Silver Wolf

Argent is a forest gnome, or rather, she’s the forest gnome guardian of the nearby wood. Presenting as a ten-year-old girl Argent has actually been alive for millennia. She guards the misty forest she calls home though locals would contest that she haunts it.

Wolves lurk in this forest, roving in packs and seeking those who encroach upon their territory. Local legends speak of a dire wolf who wields the power of the wind and fog, leaping the high tree canopy like a spirit.

On nights when the forest fog creeps into town some say they see the Silver Wolf in the corner of their eye, watching and waiting though for what none can say.

Some find comfort in her presence and make offerings at a local stone shrine on the edge of the woods. Others fear the Silver Wolf.

Argent the Silver Wolf

Small humanoid (forest gnome), chaotic good

Armor Class 11

Hit Points 27 (5d8 +5)

Speed 25 ft.

  • Strength. 10 (+0)
  • Dexterity. 14 (+2)
  • Constitution. 12 (+1)
  • Intelligence. 14 (+2)
  • Wisdom. 16 (+3)
  • Charisma. 14 (+2)

Skills Perception (+5), Stealth (+4)

Senses darkvision 60 ft., passive Perception 15

Languages Common, Druidic, Gnomish

Challenge 2 (450 XP)

Spellcasting. Argent is a 4th-level spellcaster. Wisdom is her spellcasting ability (spell save DC 13, +5 to hit with spell attacks). She has the following spells prepared:

Cantrips (at will): druidcraft, gust, primal savagery

1st level (4 slots): charm person, faerie fire, jump, longstrider

2nd level (3 slots): gust of wind, pass without trace

Gnome Cunning. Argent has advantage on Intelligence, Wisdom and Charisma saving throws against magic.

Speak with Small Beasts. Through sounds and gestures Argent can communicate simple ideas with Small or smaller beasts.


Wild Shape (2/Day). As a bonus action on her turn Argent can magically assume the shape of a wolf or a dire wolf, whose fur is the purest silver-white.

Primal Savagery. Melee Spell Attack: +5 to hit, one target, reach 5 ft., Hit: 6 (1d10) acid damage.

Story hook

The only stories of the Silver Wolf harming a human involve a transgressor. Old man Callech claims to have seen the Silver Wolf when he was accosted by bandits. He said as the bandits drew their thirsty blades a pack of wolves descended on the thieves. Not one remained alive and as he cowered for his life the wolves formed a line, sculpting a sort of path for the silver-white dire wolf that strode from the deep mists, clearly their leader.

The old man claims as he dared to look into the beast’s perfectly blue eyes a mighty gust of wind whipped around him and the wolves had all vanished.

Curious adventurers heeding old man Callech’s tale might head into the local wood seeking the Silver Wolf. Such adventurers will meet Argent, a forest gnome with silver-gray skin and purely white hair. A druid of the Circle of the Moon, Argent and the Silver Wolf are one in the same.

Argent makes a deadly boss encounter for a 1st level 5E D&D party itching for a fight as she can assume the dire wolf form twice, refreshing her hit points before finally facing the party as her spellcaster self. Due to her control of the local wolves adding a number of these wolves can increase the difficulty, especially if your party is doing exceptionally well against Argent on their own.

Alternatively Argent might lead the party to a ruin hidden deep within the forest, or even accompany them into the dungeon.

If you’re playing the sort of game where the party can recruit henchmen, Argent can be convinced to ally with a party who values the forest and respects the natural world. If her forest or the world at large is threatened the party might use the hook of restoring nature’s balance to convince her to join them.

Do you like Argent?

Would you use her in your 5E D&D games? Let us know in the comments and connect with us on the Nerdarchy Facebook page!

*Featured image — Forest Princess by science fiction & fantasy Illustrator Randy Vargas

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