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Stepping from your Friendly Local Gaming Store into the Friendly Global Online Community of Dungeons & Dragons Fifth Edition

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Greetings, fellow nerds! With current events limiting social interaction and preventing in person play there has never been a better time to try playing your favorite tabletop games online. There are many options available but I am here today to inform you of a particular free community that is growing on Discord. The Ghostsong Guild is a West Marches and Adventurers League inspired gaming group that specializes in fifth edition Dungeons & Dragons and we are looking for additional players and Dungeon Masters to join us. We do not limit the amount of characters that you can have. That way you are always free to try new things and have more fun. Characters persist and progress through various challenges presented by multiple DMs — making each character’s journey a unique story intertwined with the stories of other players!

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Fifth edition Dungeons & Dragons allows players to open a chest of costumes and choose the one that makes it most fun for them to wear on incredible adventures. [Art by Seth Lange]


We provide a number of features to facilitate play, including digital dice rollers on Discord as well as a bespoke record keeping bot that is in charge of rewards. This ensures that there is common balance between sessions as every player has the same chance at loot and helps us ensure that anyone that has embellished their character’s capabilities doesn’t have the opportunity to run rampant. We also host a series of channels dedicated to roleplay so that you can continue your character’s story and interact with others even when a session is not available. Our server is also an excellent place to host your pre-existing campaigns. You maintain complete autonomy while keeping access to our server’s features.

While each session is a unique adventure, our lore team is also working to craft a series of quests with a connected storyline to bridge the gap between one-shots and campaigns. These World Events create persistent changes to our world and give a greater narrative to our server.

Our friendly staff are dedicated to the greater community and we welcome players of all skill levels. If you are interested in learning more about the game either as a player or as a new DM, we will help you with advice and casual seminars where other players and DMs share their secrets to getting into their characters or how they handle particular challenges in creating sessions.

We accept all officially published works in addition to a selection of community favorites such as the Revised Ranger, and Matt Mercer’s Bloodhunter and Gunslinger, though unlike Adventurer’s League we do not have a two book rule — you may draw from multiple sources to craft your ideal character. If this sounds interesting, come check us out at our Discord here. : https://discord.gg/XJp2qzc

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