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Peering Into Shadows with One of Those Bastards 5E D&D Live Play

Over at our second YouTube channel Nerdarchy Live the crew brought our private game to the public. Every Tuesday 8-10 p.m. we stream our live play fifth edition Dungeons & Dragons game. Currently we’re playing a campaign with Dungeon Master Megan R. Miller called Those Bastards. This campaign began several years ago as a convention one shot and when Megan’s turn to be the Game Master arose we decided to bring it back. To help you catch up and get familiar with the characters and setting we’ve been writing here on the website. This installment comes from Nerdarchist Ted and aims to shed some light on the Shadow Magic sorcerer and big brother to a gaggle of half siblings.

5E D&D live play Those Bastards

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From black sheep to big brother

Galesin Trisrel, or Sin as he gets typically called, was born to a wealthy family of elves and quickly became the black sheep of the family. Everyone for as long as the family goes had blond hair. Sin was born with jet black hair. This was not a big thing to many but elves are set in their ways. His mother, promised to another house from an early age, was swept off her feet for a whirlwind romance. Galesin came shortly thereafter. Selererina, Sin’s mother, lost her relationship with her intended, which destroyed the families’ plan to move up in the social hierarchy.

While growing up Sin used his charm to get out of trouble. Sin’s hair, always a point of contention with his grandfather, started many problems Sin’s attitude only made worse. Sin once tries to stand out from the family by growing facial hair and he was punished severely. So much so the memory occasionally haunts him more than a decade later. Sin was always strongly encouraged to look and act elvish. The Trisrel family used to only raise elves had a hard time with Sin being part human. He grew mature too fast especially since his mother was barely a woman herself. It seemed like a blink of an eye and Sin was taller than his elders.

Selererina was learning the arts of the arcane and had encouraged Sin to study as well. Sin found this incredibly boring. The only thing that came naturally to Sin was dealing with beasts. Sin spent a lot of time around the horses and that only seemed to help him later in life.

Once Sin was an adult he was harder to control and he left home to find his way in the world. The Trisrel family never spoke of his father and the only information he was able to find out was he was gorgeous, had long black hair and was a smooth talker. This sounded like a hero to Sin. Sin found out his grandfather made it a crime in the house to speak of Sin’s father and even his mother would brush the subject away. He remembers the punishment he received as a small boy just for asking about his father.

When he left he took his horse Midnight with him. Midnight is a gorgeous mare and the black coat seemed to match his hair exactly. Midnight always responded well to Sin and he cared for her very much.

Sin spent the last few years learning to control innate arcane abilities that seemed to manifest out of nowhere. When he was not exploring the world magically he was exploring the ladies who caught his fancy. This of course got him into no end of trouble. Sin is not the brightest candle and thought it was a good idea to take a small memento from each conquest. A copper coin from a redhead named Gisella. A sea shell from a blonde name Amelia. And so on and so on.

Some time ago he was riding Midnight shirtless to impress a fair lass when the birthmark upon his right shoulder caught the attention of passerby. This led to a most unexpected outcome. Not only did he not get the girl but he found out that this passerby might be his brother. This fire genasi had a thrilling tale and informed his brother his name was Vent. Well, half brother. Happenstance later led them to find out there could be more siblings out there. If they teamed up perhaps they could find others and maybe even find their dad.

Some siblings are not so easy to convince. Louvel the Heroic, a knight in service to the realm, is not willing to believe the connection of the birthmark. But looking for people always has you talking to people, Sin would, of course, wish to speak to the ladies. A recent encounter with a woman named Rania Facyne netted him a whistle necklace made of a gold colored wood. Sadly he was chased out and unable to grab Midnight. He lost a horse, all for stealing a flower from the family garden.

At some point Sin wishes to reclaim his steed as well as find any siblings and his father along the way. Where will the road take him and them? Who knows. If left up to Vent it will be ever onward in following their destiny and something about following the fallen red star.

Follow along with Sin and catch our streamed 5E D&D game Those Bastards every Tuesday 8-10 p.m. eastern with VOD available immediately following each session. Visit Nerdarchy Live to subscribe and hit that notification bell because you don’t want to miss a thing here and until next time, stay nerdy!

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