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Salutations, nerds! A couple of months ago I wrote about the use of geas in your fifth edition Dungeons & Dragons game with some of the fun ways you can implement this classic spell. Today I thought I’d dust the concept back off and come back at you with a list, I daresay a table even, of potential geas you could use for your players to have fun with. If you’re interested in the original post check out Effective Use of Geas in D&D here.

5E D&D geas fey court adventure
They’re having a fancy party in Fairy and you the patrons have been cordially invited. Just watch out for those geas spells!

Magical commands for fun with 5E D&D geas

Because our illustrious Nerditor has put me under a geas of my own I now must direct you to Winter Court Soiree. If you enjoyed this content and are looking for more fey based content check out this digital book for 5E D&D. This is a very excellent list of things that the various nobles of the fey court could curse the characters in attendance with if they happen to give offense, intentionally or otherwise. When you sign up for Nerdarchy the Newsletter you’ll get a coupon code for $9.99 off your cart so you could pick it up and drop it right in your game anytime. You can find it over at Nerdarchy the Store here.

They’re having a fancy party in Fairy and you the patrons have been cordially invited. Surprise! It’s a Holiday Party in the Winter Courts. Within you will find some magical party favors like masks of glamour to wear to the festive party and a dueling cane, a few fierce pixies and constructs, some fun denizens of the Winter Court and new spells for this Winter Court Soiree, ready to drop into your Fifth Edition games.

Winter Court Soiree includes four new magic items, 4 new festive creatures, Winter Courtier NPCs who might be friends or foes and seven new Winter Soltice spells for 5E D&D along with an adventure scenario and maps. Fey courts make notorious use of geas magic and the table below provides some quirky compulsions for such magic. You might also enjoy rolling on this table or choosing one of them to use as a character trait. If your game begins beyond 1st level perhaps your character is already under the effects of a geas and these are the stipulations. Any of the results might also be used to give NPCs unusual character traits.

1-2You must not speak to anyone who has not addressed you first.
3-4You must not use the full proper name of any individual.
5-6You must take everything you eat with a grain of salt.
7-8If there is a red fabric within reach of you, you must touch it.
9-10Any time someone spills rice in your presence you must count every grain before it is cleaned.
11-12Wherever there is fire to light your way or warm you, you must thank it.
13-14Any time a crow crosses your path you must leave it an offering of meat.
15-16You must not refuse a drink when it is offered to you.
17-18You must not watch the sun when it is rising or setting.
19-20Once a week you must leave a thimble full of wine out as an offering for the pixies.
21-22You must not sleep in the presence of a cat.
23-24If ever you drink wine, you must put a drop of blood in it first.
25-26You are bound to do one favor for anyone who calls you a friend.
27-28You must question any command given to you.
29-30You are forbidden from using a certain word.
31-32You must repeat a person’s name three times when you first learn it.
33-34You must not flat out ask for help. You can talk around it, you can hint at it, but you can’t ask.
35-36You must not describe something as “red”.
37-38You must not touch weapons with your left hand.
39-40Whenever there are clouds you can see you must take the time to admire and find a shape in them.
41-42If you find a feather you must pick it up and keep it.
43-44You must collect a flag from each town you visit, even if you have to steal it.
45-46Upon entering any doorway you must look up and then you can look at the rest of the room.
47-48You must close any open passage you see, including doors and drawers.
49-50For every hundred steps you take, you must take one backwards.
51-52You must leave the last bite of everything you eat as an offering for the fey.
53-54The first three coins you find in any dungeon must go in a wishing well.
55-56You must not greet anyone until you have been greeted first.
57-58If you come across dandelions on the side of the road, you must eat one.
59-60You must dance to the first song you hear per day, starting at sunrise.
61-62You must pay someone at least one sincere compliment each day.
63-64You must creatively insult someone once each day with an insult you have never used before.
65-66You must not take on any work without receiving some kind of payment for it. Nothing is free.
67-68When you have slain something, when leaving the field of battle, you must not look back.
69-70You must not strike an unarmed foe.
71-72You must give the next thing you find to an ally.
73-74If you steal something, a portion must be offered to the gods.
75-76If you hear a scream, you must scream back.
77-78You must not deny aid to a beast in need.
79-80You must accept any flower offered to you and display it on your person.
81-82You must avert your eyes in the presence of magic.
83-84You must wear any jewelry offered to you for at least a day.
85-86You must not travel on roads.
87-88You must make a fair offering for anything you acquire.
89-90You must not sleep until you have learned something new in a given day.
91-92You must keep every promise you make.
93-94You must wish upon a star whenever you see them. You must wish it loudly enough for those around you to hear you and you must wish for something you truly desire.
95-96You must always read out loud.
97-98You must not drink anything you have not seen someone else take a sip of first.
99-100You must declare your intent to kill someone out loud before you can do it.

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