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Are you a miniature enthusiast?  is that too much?  Do you love minis for use in your tabletop game? Nerdarchist Ted is back to shopping and I could not help but to buy a bunch of minis.  Since I did I figured I would talk to you guys about it and see if you might like my feedback and see if you want them as well.

Maze of Death D&D minis
The Nightmare Dragon, Air and Fire Elemental Lords, Ghost Fungus and Minotaur Cleric are just a few of great minis in the Pathfinder Maze of Death series. [Images courtesy Paizo]
Maze of Death minis
Large Blue Dragon miniature from the Pathfinder Maze of Death series.

For this I am looking at the Maze of Death miniatures. These were released in October 2017, so I guess I am a little late to the party. This full set comes with 46 different miniatures over the normal size range of small to large and 6 terrain pieces. The terrain pieces are mixed in with the random assortment and then there are two special figures that are not blind purchase — the Air and Fire Elemental Lords.  This guys are pretty awesome and since they are not blind purchase you can just pick them up when you feel like it.

The rest of the figures are in the normal blind purchase and as per normal you get 4 figures per box. I picked up a case, that is 8 boxes for a total of 32 miniatures.

I did some research first, cause you know Ted loves minis, and looked at all the art at the Pathfinder Minis website. Looking through this full list there are 18 minis I really wanted. Of course, a bunch of them are rare so there was little hope of getting the full list. Out of the 32 minis I did get 9 from the list I really wanted. Sadly, the Nightmare Dragon did not arrive. If you happen to have an extra one and want to trade email me… I kid…Bit not really.

Another 14 of the minis, while not on my want list, having seen them in person I am excited to have them in the collection and I am sure they will get used. That makes up 23 out of the 32.  The other 9 might see play as adventurers or monsters I do not really care about.

After collecting D&D and Pathfinder minis for years I get more excited about the monsters and crazy stuff than the adventurers. But that is just me, you might be different.

As stated this series does have the Elemental Lords. You get one fire in a female form and one air elemental.  The most amusing thing about this set is how heavy the air elemental is. Given that it is made of air it should be light! Either way both sculpts are quite awesome and since I did grab this set as well I am looking forward to finding some way to work some elemental stuff into an upcoming session.

Maze of Death minis highlights

Maze of Death  minis
The Urdefhan Warrior miniature from the Pathfinder Maze of Death series.

Sadly, the minis I wanted the most — Nightmare Dragon and Ghost Fungus — eluded me. I might have to collect them as just a straight purchase somewhere. I found the Minotaur Cleric from my want list came out really well. Bright gold accents all over the mini make it stand out and I am certain that if you mash up aminotaur and a battle cleric you can put a serious hurting on a party of adventurers. And that is without backup. Give the minotaur some friends and watch out.

The biggest surprise to me was the Urdefhan warrior. While the sculpt on the face is not the best the rest of the mini is well-detailed and the blade it has not only looks really cool but the green blade makes me want to use it and poison the characters in my campaign. Does that make me a bad Game Master?

If you are interested in picking this up in any iteration here’s a few handy links:

I hope you enjoyed this little peek into the set. Stay tuned for more mini exploration as I dive into more minis and highlight what I like and don’t like. Let me know what your favorite minis are in the comments. I’d love to hear about them and find out about more great minis out there.

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