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WizKids 4D settings castle barracks jungle shrine gas station

WizKids 4D Settings Miniatures Spotted at PAX Unplugged

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I know that some of you out there turn to us when it comes to getting new information about miniatures. Perhaps like myself you look fondly upon all these great pieces of plastic and gain delight at the the thought of how this is going to be used on the gaming table. Perhaps you enjoy having the options, or perhaps you delight in getting new miniatures to showcase the amazing collection you have on display. Whatever your reason I am glad you stopped by and I hope these teases are fun and give you a delight as you look forward to the great things WizKids has in the lineup for future miniatures entering into 2020.

WizKids 4D settings castle barracks jungle shrine gas station

Set the scene with premium 4D Settings terrain sets from WizKids

Recently WizKids started a new line of miniatures called 4D Settings. They already released a gas station for you modern players out there, a jungle shrine and the castle barracks. All of these are quite cool. But adding to this line they are adding a couple of new sets. January, just after the turn of the new year we are seeing a homestead and the medieval farmer set. I got a sneak peak at these sets at PAX Unplugged a few weeks ago and since so many things can happen upon a farm the thoughts are already whirling for how I am going to use these sets. And the cool thing is you get cow miniatures. Who does not want to put a cow on the battlefield? Grab the homestead here.

“We’re all cows! Just embrace it.” — Keyleth

In March the new year is ready to give us even more. We are going to see the release of a new set of miniatures from the prepainted line: Icons of the Realms — Eberron: Rising from the Last War. I sincerely hope with all the buzz about artificers and warforged that we get a healthy amount of miniatures from this selection. But I also know Eberron has some unique monster types so I am eagerly looking forward to seeing what we will get there. Are you as excited as I am? You can preorder here.

WizKids Icons of the Realms Eberron Rising from the Last War

But March releases does not end there. We get a couple of new spell options from our friends over at WizKids. We are seeing a new spell effects set complete with great spells like force cage and flaming sphere and pillars of earth. But the spell stuff does not end there. They are also releasing their own spell effects templates. Whether you are casting a fireball or a long lasting spell you will have these great and sturdy spell templates you can place upon the battlefield to show exactly where your spell is landing. You can get the spell templates here.

Last but certainly not least we have dungeon tiles. WizKids decided to make their own line of dungeon tiles called Warlock Tiles. These sets are expected to release June or July 2020. According to the gentleman I spoke with at PAX Unplugged these are designed to integrate with some of the other dungeon tile systems that are already out there, so fear not they might stack with what you already have. These great pieces come fully painted and ready to place upon your gaming table. Not having a large selection of gaming tiles at this point I have to say that I am most excited to see the set options that they have for these. Be on the look out for it.

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