Warforged Druid 5E D&D Character Build

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Nerdarchy has been doing 5E D&D character builds on YouTube for over four years now for the Nerdarchy and Dungeons & Dragons community. We have made 5e D&D character builds of super heroes, sci-fi heroes, and characters from novels. Sometimes we make optimized builds. Other times we make what we call our unorthodox character builds. Recently we started a new 5E D&D character build series — our Adventurers League Legal series. It started with a request to make a paladin/College of Whispers bard multiclass. We followed that up with our zen archer build. Then we took another request for a Gloom Stalker ranger/Assassin rogue build. The most recent one we created was a warforged druid 5E character build.

Adventurers League Warforged Druid 5E D&D Character Build

While the others were requests from people in the Nerdarchy community, we thought something Eberron flavored would be fun. Adventurers League will be going live with their Eberron campaign September 21, 2018 when season 8 begins.

Adventurers Leagues rules are usually Player’s Handbook +1. But for Eberron things are a little different. You get to use the Player’s Handbook, Xanathar’s Guide to Everything, Wayfinder’s Guide to Eberron, and in addition bugbears, goblins, and hobgoblins from Volo’s Guide to Monsters. Kind of cool for us because it changes up the different combinations we can make.

5E druid warforgedAs D&D nerds if there is one thing we never get tired of it’s making new D&D characters. On top of the fun we are having with it there does seem to be a demand for these builds, considering three out of our last four builds were requests. The truth is we’ve got another half dozen requests waiting for us to hammer something out.

Another druid 5E build request we had came from someone asking in the comments for a non-Circle of the Moon druid build. That was probably within a couple of days of one our Patreons asking the same thing. [NERDITOR’S NOTE: Of course, Circle of Spores is the best circle. Followed by Circle of Dreams.]

The limitations of creating D&D characters for Adventurers League adds an extra creative layer for us. I like the idea of challenging ourselves to still create a fun, optimized, and unique a 5E D&D character build via the Adventurers League character creation rules.

It’s not always about just hammering out the optimized min-maxed-to-the-nines character either. We do like to sneak in some roleplaying elements as well. Just look at the warforged druid that isn’t exactly super optimum, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t fun.

To complement the videos we are creating character sheets over on D&D Beyond. These can be found in the video descriptions. The other thing we are putting out there is a 5E D&D Character Build Guide for each one we do. They are pay what you want over on the Dungeon Masters Guild, which of course includes downloading them for free. As an extra bonus on those character guides you’ll find a section for the Dungeon Master as well. We create a stat block to use as an enemy, ally, or other assorted NPC in your game.

In the comments below, share your own ideas for unusual character builds, and let us know if there’s any 5E D&D character builds you’d like Nerdarchy to take a shot at creating. Multiclass characters present a bit more room to find interesting synergies with, but that certainly doesn’t mean single class characters are in any way boring to create and play. Does the Eberron campaign for Adventurers League got you excited? Ready to roll up some monstrous characters from Droaam or discover the secrets of Sharn with a warforged? Sound off!

druid 5e

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