Starcalled Studios Creatures of Vathis: Volume One Kickstarter is a Beast(iary)!

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The team of Starcalled Studios is a group of long-time gamers dedicated to bringing you tabletop content. In addition to streaming fifth edition Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder, RPG video games and board games on their Twitch channel, they also created several books for their Zodiac Empires setting including a full-color, illustrated campaign setting guide and player’s guide, and an adventure, all compatible with both 5E and Pathfinder. Their latest project, Creatures of Vathis: Volume One, successfully funded in 24 hours on Kickstarter with several weeks left to go on the campaign.

Starcalled Studios Vathis
Creatures of Vathis: Volumne One contains over 100 new creatures including four new creatures types, with lore, descriptions and art for every one.

Starcalled Studios expands the world of Vathis

“Thanks to our successful Kickstarter in 2015, we were able to bring you the Zodiac Empires Campaign Setting and the Zodiac Empires Player’s Guide. If you’re new to Zodiac Empires, it’s a dynamic and interactive fantasy setting created for tabletop role-playing game systems such as Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition and the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game. Our initial goal was to bring a collaborative and expansive world to players. Today, we’re expanding and adding to that world to make your gaming experience more immersive.” – From the Creatures of Vathis: Volume One Kickstarter

What you should know about Starcalled Studios and Vathis
  1. It began with two: Brad Diamond and Rachael Withrow
  2. Vathis is a labor of love. Love of causality, political intrigue, and large-scale wars; combined with Rachael’s love of fantastical legends, lore, and character personification.
  3. Before Zodiac Empires was successfully kickstarted back in 2015 it existed for over a decade and was played multiple times a week by its creators (and eventual staff). Testing was expanded to other players and groups and the “living” campaign was born.
Why should I care?

The process of releasing and writing content is no simple feat. Especially for a small company of individuals that already have full-time jobs. However, it’s not just about content, is it? How many times have you purchased something because it sounded amazing only to be disappointed in what you bought? It’s not uncommon in the gaming industry, it’s not uncommon in any industry. In some ways, larger organizations have an easier time producing content. A steady stream of products means the hits can help weather losses from the misses. Recovering from a misstep, learning and moving on to the next thing can be much more manageable. For a smaller, more intimate company formed by an ambitious group of gamers, every project is a crucial combination of integrity, imagination and know-how. But the next big thing still needs the funding to make it a true reality… A Starcalled is born!

What is the Kickstarter campaign like?

The World of Vathis is a world where the heroes didn’t win, they survived. Faced with the task of rebuilding an empire in the aftermath of the Darkest War, the people of this once almost utopian world have been forced to look inward and acknowledge what vanity, greed and self-interest has done to them. It’s gritty and beautiful, dark and mysterious. Filled with gods you have never heard of, races you’ve never seen, and political strife that makes the divided lands in Game of Thrones look like nothing more than a fraternal rivalry. The content (I know, there’s that word again) is rich with information, building on unique concepts and fresh ideas. The art transcends these written words mixing magic, fantasy and technology into a living breathing environment ripe with endless possibilities.

Why should I back this Kickstarter?
The vastborn are otherworldly fiendish entities with appearances that match the hellish landscapes from which they spawned.

If the answer, “because it’s awesome and backing this will make you a better human being” isn’t good enough, how about because $50 gets you access to everything this world has to offer in PDF format. Seriously.

For $50 you get:

  • Zodiac Empires Player’s Guide (D&D 5e and PF) 150-page PDF
  • Zodiac Empires Campaign Setting (PF and 5e) 300-page PDF
  • Legacy of the Anuald Adventure Path PDFs Parts 1-4 (5e and PF)
  • Creatures of Vathis: Volume One PDF (D&D 5e)
  • 2×Digital Monster Lair Map
  • Access to Discord backer only chat
  • Creature suggestion for future content

It’s an amazing deal, but I also understand that starting a new campaign in a world you’re not familiar with can be a lot of work for a Game Master, especially in an already well established campaign with fully vetted characters.  If you’re not ready to take the Vathis plunge there’s still a backer level for you!!

For only $15 you get:

  • Creatures of Vathis: Volume One PDF (D&D 5e)
  • 2× Digital Monster Lair Map
  • Access to Discord backer only chat
  • Creature suggestion for future content

That’s right gamers — new creatures!! I have yet to meet a GM that wasn’t obsessed with creatures. Even players have monster madness. Vathis creatures are absolutely unique, from the art down to their habitats and background. Do yourself a favor and pledge $15 for what will be the least disappointing spend of $15 in your gaming life. Also, if you love Pathfinder, you’ll be happy to note the PDF version of Creatures of Vathis has been unlocked for that gaming system. Higher stretch goals for soft and hardcover print editions for both 5E and Pathfinder are waiting to be unlocked too.

There are other levels too, one that involves creating your own creature! Have you always wanted to see your flying Thistle Bear Mongoose creature come to life? Now is your time to make that happen. The possibilities are endless

I honestly don’t know what else to say here except back Starcalled Studios Creatures of Vathis: Volume One Kickstarter!

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