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Since 2014, Nerdarchy has been hard at work creating content all over the place. What began with a video featuring Nerdarchist Dave geeking out has grown to a library of well over 2000 videos on the Nerdarchy YouTube channel. Here on the website, you’ll find over 1500 posts sharing news, views, and homebrews as well as the Nerdarchy Store with even more original content. But there’s another place we create even more content still! Through the Nerdarchy Patreon, we’ve been rewarding supporters with original 5E content since 2016. And now it’s evolved!

Nerdarchy Patreon original 5E content

Nerdarchy Patreon relaunch

Starting with May 2018, the Nerdarchy Patreon rewards received a serious upgrade across the board. The relaunched rewards still contain original 5E content but now feature original full-color artwork and more thematic content, with streamlined organization and delivery to supporters every month. Each and every month we create a collection of Fifth Edition content exclusively for our Patreon supporters like you as a thank you for your incredible continued support. There are five levels to check out, detailed below. In addition to the pledge level rewards, all Patreon supporters are eligible for opportunities to game with us, receive giveaways and receive our weekly newsletter with even more gaming tips.

To step up our game, our Patreon rewards will continue to offer the same variety of content they always have, but we are enlisting a rotating selection of professional artists, writers and designers to re-envision content from our videos into the rewards you’ll receive as a patron. Check out the cover gallery below showcasing the art and design of our relaunched Patreon reward program, and download a free copy of Empusia, Curator of Souls in the Nerdarchy store to see what it’s all about.

“Our current rewards are the most exciting they’ve ever been for us. The process of creating content during a video and then getting a writer’s interpretation of that video makes it like Christmas morning every month. That and I’m super proud of the number of giveaways we do. Every month, lucky gamers get an automatic entry that usually values many times what their pledge level is.” – Nerdarchist Dave


Magic & special items for your 5E game
$2 or more per month
At this level our magewrights are hard at work at their arcane forges crafting items of an arcane or mundane nature to use in your game every month.


Creatures for your 5E game
$3 or more per month
At this level you receive content from the prior level and you get to see the strange and fantastic creatures we’ve gathered for you (at no small amount of peril) to use in your game every month.


Allies & enemies for your 5E game
$5 or more per month
At this level you receive all content from the prior levels and we’ll introduce you to a new NPC to use in your game every month.


Battlegrounds & encounters for your 5E game
$7 or more per month
At this level you receive all content from the prior levels plus detailed encounters ready to use in your game every month.


Game Master & player options for your 5E game
$10 or more per month
At this level you receive all content from the prior levels and we’ll create content to enhance your game world and players’ experience such as traps, hazards, organizations, backgrounds, and class options to use in your game every month.

“Watching the creation process from video to writer to reward package is fascinating. As the writer for one of the packages, as well as editing and laying out the others, putting a different spin on ideas and concepts shared by Nerdarchists Dave and Ted and Nate the Nerdarch is an amazing experience. Patreon supporters get a bunch of fantastic new magic items, monsters, and NPCs every month. There’s been encounters and entire adventures, new character options, new mechanics…it’s unbelievable!” – Nerditor Doug

Head on over to the Nerdarchy Patreon page to find out more, and if you like what you see, let us know in the comments below. Leave a review for Empusia, Curator of Souls in the Nerdarchy store and share your thoughts with friends and fellow gamers. And if there’s any creators you’d like to see give their interpretation of our ideas, let us (and them!) know.

Your generous support through our Patreon helps us continue to create quality content on the YouTube channel and right here on the website, invest in equipment to increase recording quality, and keep making original publications and products to enhance your tabletop roleplaying and gaming experience. Thank you for your consideration and as always, until next time, stay nerdy!

Nerdarchy was feelin’ froggy so we jumped

From Intern Jake

Things are hopping here at the Nerdarchy HQ and I think Muckwuggle is to blame. The Nerdarchists Dave and Ted are hard at work deciphering the ancient runes of Muckwuggle’s gifts in the video below where they discuss the Patreon rewards for August. All this frog-talk has me nostalgic for an adventure I ran last year that revolved heavily around frogs. It got a few laughs around the office, so I figured I’d throw it out here for our beloved readers, so you can get a few dashes of inspiration if you want some amphibious fun in  your upcoming sessions.

Final Turning and the Great Devourer

I had a group of adventurers exploring a vast swamp. Hot, sticky, and buzzing with pestering insects. Here is where the characters uncover a sprawling bullywug civilization. At first, the frog-like denizens are very defensive, bringing spears and clubs to bear against the odd trespassers. The cleric in the party, with quick thinking, casts tongues, which lead the creatures to be stopped in their tracks. They are confused as instead of the normal, hissing noises that come from outsiders, now is a croaking chorus they can understand.

A froghemoth as seen in the fifth edition Dungeons & Dragons Volo’s Guide to Monsters

The bullywug sentries, sending word through the many frogs in the swamp, send call to a capable diplomat from the city. Coming to meet the party, this bullywug noble is reminded of an old prophecy of their god, the Great Devourer. It has been passed down for generations that one would come from the outside world who holds within their throat the ability to croak to all beings, known as One of Many Croaks.

This being would be the one to come and bring about the Final Turning, the measurement the bullywugs use for the passage of time. This will spur the Great Devourer to awaken and take its people to the next life. The bullywug noble explains to the One of Many Croaks their importance and how wonderful it is to have them here, eager to be the one to bring the prophecy in front of the emperor.

The party is happily lead into the bullywug city proper and given witness to the form of their god — a massive hill of green flesh submerged in black, marshy water. This will likely bewilder the characters, as to this point they probably have heard or experienced many divine happenings, but to lay eyes on a god… that’s a new one.

The bullywug people are quite accommodating, pleased to have the guests there and cheering for the great heroes, despite them not having done much of anything yet. To the character’s dismay, these turnings are the lethargic thrashing of the sleeping froghemoth known as the Great Devourer. Through either the direct prodding of the god or by following along and enacting the turning ritual (the only thing coming to my wife’s head was singing Jeremiah was a Bullfrog), the god’s true nature will be uncovered.

The final passage into the next life is the froghemoth awakening and consuming every bullywug it can before getting tired in its rampage and plopping back down to sleep once more. These bullywugs have developed their entire society around this perceived god and treat dying to it as the most honorable form of passing. This creates a dilemma for the party as they do not want to be eaten by this massive beast, but they don’t want to offend either, as the bullywug are in great numbers. How they survive this chaotic scene and their choice can greatly change the following scene as well.

What do you think? Are you excited for the next turning in your campaign? Are you looking forward to more Muckwuggle in the coming future? Let us know in the comments below and we’ll see you next time.

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