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Looking for a creepy abomination or an ultimate big bad sure to strike horror into your fifth edition Dungeons & Dragons players? Then the swampy Muckwuggle is just what you need. While reading up on Muckwuggle, the Frog God from Nerdarchy the Store I got more eldritch horror vibes than my dark fantasy loving soul knew what to do with. While this content has everything to get you started on your dark fantasy trek into the swampy planar wastes, I’ve devised some feats I think compliment this beautifully. The best part of these 5E D&D feats is each also contains an optional detriment, called a bane, or perk called a boon. This allows them the versatility of being used as blessings for evil followers and servants to the frog god or wretched curses for its enemies.

5E D&D frog god feats mutations
Muckwuggle and the Frog God pantheon spawned from inspiration taken from amphibians and unleashes the dread cult of the Frog Gods upon the world.

Frog themed feats for 5E D&D

Muckwuggle is terrible in every sense and those who serve the frog god scramble to appease its ever present hunger lest they are sacrificed as its next meal. The humid summer is upon us, and living in a swampier region this supplement really had me itching for a good eldritch horror style of game, played near the lakefront with frog songs echoing across the water.

Ravenous, the behemoth wades the planar swamp lands, its yellow eyes piercing a sickly glow into the viney mists. A thunderous croak bellows from deep within its slimy gullet. Never filled, ever empty the cries of its devoured victims resonate in the after echoes of its tantrum, wailing for justice, vengeance and an escape from the acrid slime that continuously consumes them.



These feats make for interesting developments for characters and in theory you could grant both the boon and the bane, but just be aware of the balancing issues you might run into by doing this. The idea is the frog god’s eldritch power allows for curses and blessings in accordance with its slimy will. Each of these feats can only be removed by means of a wish spell.

Gulping Gullet

You can use an action to consume up to 1 cubic foot of material or an object, storing it in a special stomach, and you can use an action to produce it once more. The object is safe inside your body and does not risk destruction. Poisons, acids and other toxic materials can be ingested in this way without risk of harm to you.

Boon. You are immune to poison and disease. Additionally, learn the poison spray and acid splash cantrips. Choose from Intelligence, Wisdom or Charisma. This is your spellcasting ability for these spells.

Bane. You continuously experience hunger. If you do not eat anything for one hour or more, you experience hunger pangs, imposing 1 level of exhaustion, up to a maximum of two levels of exhaustion. Each of these levels of exhaustion gained in this way can be removed by consuming an additional, full meal.

Sticky Fingers

Your hands ooze a sticky substance that grants you a climbing speed equal to your walking speed, and you can walk along vertical surfaces and even walk upside down.

Boon. You cannot be disarmed of your weapons.

Bane. You have disadvantage on Dexterity (Sleight of Hand) checks.

Tongue Lash

Your tongue is elastic and sticky as that of the frog god, prehensile and resistant to damage. You learn the thorn whip cantrip, with double the range, as your tongue elongates and develops poisoned barbs. Choose from Intelligence, Wisdom or Charisma. This is your spellcasting ability for this cantrip.

Boon. When you hit a creature with thorn whip, the creature must immediately make a Constitution saving throw. On a failure, the creature is poisoned until the start of your next turn.

Bane. Your tongue mutation impedes your ability to speak. Whenever you make a Charisma check with Deception, Persuasion, or Intimidation, you must first succeed on a DC 14 Constitution saving throw. On a failure, you have disadvantage on the Charisma check.

Balance on that lily pad!

While these feats and mutations add a lot of flavor (yuck!) and offer some interesting roleplay options, be aware of the mechanical balance here. A character with even just one of these feats as a boon will boast a great deal more power than one without, and if you give some characters the bane version of one or more feats while giving others the boon version, the power discrepancies escalate exponentially with each additional feat granted.

In general, these feats contribute to a grittier, dark fantasy or horror fantasy style of play. So keep this in mind when dealing with these.

Bring the horrifying frog god into your games! You can find Muckwuggle the Frog God in Nerdarchy the Store, already equipped with a host of magic items, were-curses and more, each ready to drop into your own 5E D&D game regardless of setting! You can also sign up for Nerdarchy the Newsletter and receive an exclusive coupon code so you can pick this up essentially FREE. Check out Muckwuggle the Frog God here.

Until next time, nerds, don’t croak!

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