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Kickstarter Korner for May 2018, Week 3

Each week during the Quests & Adventures live chat, Saturday at 2 p.m. eastern, Nerdarchists Dave and Ted and Nate the Nerdarch hang out live with fans from the Nerdarchy YouTube channel. It’s a chance to share announcements and news, answer questions from the live chat and generally just hang out and talk nerdy with the Nerdarchy community.

In the description of each weekly video, Nerdarchist Ted compiles a list and links to all the videos and website content from the week. But he also shares a selection of cool Kickstarter campaigns. As an avid Kickstarter supporter, he’s happy to share his favorite RPG and gaming-related Kickstarters with you, the Nerdarchy community. Enjoy!

RPG Related Kickstarters

Protip: *SPOILERS* Details on Save or Dice: Harbinger and Nerdarchy’s Ingest Quest live stream games discussed ahead. Call it plot armor, creative narration or reacting to an encounter that got out of hand for the Game Master, sometimes characters die unexpectedly and the consequences need dealt with. A couple of weeks ago on Harbinger, and a couple of days ago on Ingest Quest, a character died in combat. Monsters with deadly attacks were involved with both games, from Dungeon Masters Cody and Nerditor Doug. Right off the bat, using monsters like this puts the possibility of character death on the table. And there’s several ways to deal with the results. On Harbinger, the death became a major turning point for the character, with dramatic consequences presented by DM Cody and roleplayed brilliantly by Will Jones from Encounter Roleplay. For Ingest Quest, a much sillier game, an allied NPC in the scenario was able to revivify the fallen character at the cost of several hundred gold pieces worth of gems from the party’s stash.

art RPG

Adventuring is dangerous work. If drowning in a trapped sewer doesn’t kill your character, that evil undead skeleton might. [Art by David S. LaForce]

When characters die in your RPG campaigns, there’s no right or wrong way to handle things, but there are limitless options. Depending on the group playstyle, campaign structure and format, the simplest solution is the character is dead. Whether the party has resources to bring them back to life is determined by their circumstances in the campaign. Character death happens. It’s a bummer…for about 20 minutes until you think of a new character to try. But a GM can certainly work with players to come up with alternatives. In one of Nerdarchy’s videos, the idea of being offered a warlock pact gets discussed. What if your dead character is contact by a powerful entity who can return them to life in exchange for making a deal to serve them? The character could multiclass into warlock and come back from death. The same could work with a deity, substituting the cleric class.

Streamed games or gamertainment-style RPG shows have an extra wrinkle of sharing a game publicly, sometimes with character art and other investments. This can sometimes be awkward when characters die but again, it’s all about your playstyle and what everyone at the table is okay with. The best option, as with so many situations that arise in our gaming groups, is talking with each other and finding a solution that makes sense for your story and moves thing forward.

Consequences of character death don’t necessarily have to be restricted to cut-and-dry rules like access to resurrection magic or bust. A GM or player can create imaginative, unique circumstances for character revival that might deepen and enrich the campaign experience. On the other hand, players can deal with the consequences and let a character lie. There’s always a new character waiting to be discovered.

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